Sunday, June 12, 2011

Current Game Play!!!

Kalson Hilton
He is one of many Sims that originate from my main core of my Sim family tree! 
 You can see my main Sim (Danny Hilton) behind Kalson! 
Kalson is Danny's brothers great-grandson! Danny was a Vampire, he ran rampant on his nieces and nephews after watching his brothers and sister die from old age! :(
However, Danny cured himself after discovery the No age potion! He is determined to undo all the chaos he's created by curing his family, even if it takes years....lets just say he has all the time he needs! :D
A young guy who moved to the neighborhood with his two sisters. Unfortunately, Javier's sister gained the attention of Danny's youngest son and before Javier knew it his sisters and him were living in the Hilton Estate!
 Javier chilling with his sister Stella!
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