Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chapter 12

The Hilton's: Revenge Part One
We return to Danny's group, hours after Zeus and Sheri had their argument. Danny gets a phone call from Bella, asking him to come over to her house as soon as possible.
 Danny: Hi Bella......Sure! I'll be there as soon as possible! Ok, see you in a bit! 
As Danny was about to leave he bumped into Lillian and Sean.
Danny: Hey you two want to go visit Bella and Simon?
 Lillian: Sure, its been years since I've seen that girl!
Sean: Yeah, I'll go! Anything to get out of this bunker!
So the three of them left to Bella's house.
 About an hour later.
Harley: Where is Danny?! He was going to teach me some new moves!
Richard: Danny, Lillian, and Sean went to Bella's awhile ago.
 Richard: They'll probably be gone for the rest of the day. My grandpa loves to chat!
Harley: What the f**k, why didn't I get invited?! I haven't seen Bella and Simon since I was a kid!
 Richard: Well we weren't around and from what I got it was rather come now wait later invite from Bella! So whoever was around at that moment where the lucky ones!
As the two chatted, Harley noticed Javier. 
Harley: Hey Javier wanna go visit Bella and Simon?
Javier stood in silence and stared at the entrance.
Javier: It's too late to go anywhere Harley......We have some guests already.
 As Javier stared at the entrance, Harley and Richard ran over to see who it was!
 Harley: Sh$t!!!
At the entrance stood familiar figures, almost unrecognizable at first! Ray, Henry, and Megan! As the trio made their way through they pushed David in front of them!
 David: Guys....I think we're in trouble! 
Javier: Oh My God, Megan! Megan speak to me! Ray....Henry.....Why won't you guys say anything?!!!
David: They haven't spoken one word since they caught me!
 Richard: Brothers! What are you two doing?! SAY SOMETHING!!!
 Harley: What's wrong with them?!
Javier: Zeus must have done something to them!
 Finally, the trio started to slowly move but it quickly became obvious on why they were there! Without warning Ray stabbed David through the heart!
 David let out a moan of pain! As Ray slowly slid the sword from his chest, David noticed something different about this wound!
 With David's last words he was able to speak incoherent words to Javier's group!
David: uhh....sWorD......Currrrrrrrr.....
Ray then slid his sword out of David and then David collapsed and died from the single wound to the heart!
 As Javier and the other two stood there in disbelief the trio started to get closer!
Richard: What do we do Javier?!
 Javier: Disarm them and subdue them! Once we do that, we can then figure out what the hell is going on!!!
Harley: Well lets hope they'll let us do that Javier!
 Finally, the trio began to hiss and growl!!!
As if trying to intimidate Javier's group before attacking! All of this happened over poor Davids lifeless body!
 Then without warning the trio attacked! Each targeting a single member of Javier's group!
 The trio was obviously stronger and quicker for some reason!
 They outmaneuvered Javier's group as quickly as they could counter!
 The fight was fierce and grueling!
 Richard had difficulty hitting his own brother and was in shock that his brothers seemed not to recognize him at all!
 Harley did his best at maneuvering around Ray's heavy attacks!
 Harley: Why are you doing this Ray?!
 Harley: Stop! Let us help you guys!!!
 Harley's words fell onto deaf ears! And Ray was finally able to catch Harley and stabbed him in the gut!
 Harley normally would shake such an attack off with ease, but not this time! Harley finally figured out what David was trying to say before he died!
Harley: Watch out you guys their weapons are soaked with the CURE!!!!
 Richard was not winning his fight with Henry, and all seemed lost for Richard!
 Richard: HENRY!!! Its me Richard! Your little brother! REMEMBER!!!!
 Henry seemed to respond to Henry's plea and hesitated!
 Meanwhile, Javier was able to get Megan off of him! She regained her balance and stared at Javier with no emotion.
 As Megan stared at Javier this way, it sent shivers down Javier's back!
 Javier: MEGAN! I won't fight you!
 Megan started to charge once again!
 Megan then made a jump toward Javier with the full intent of killing!!!
 Javier stood his ground!
Javier: I won't fight you! I love you Megan! I LOVE YOU!!!!
 Just as Javier confessed his love! Harper, Victoria's son jumped in and kicked Megan to the ground!
He then pointed his gun at a strange device located on her back and shot it!!! Once the device shattered Megan collapsed! Javier only could think the worst and collapsed as well next to Megan!
 Harper then quickly moved to Ray! Harper fired his gun at the back of Ray's head! Then loaded a few rounds into Rays chest and finally one shot to Ray's forehead! Ray collapsed and died instantly from these wounds!
Immediately everyone knew that Harper's gun carried blessed wooden bullets with the cure.
 Harper then targeted Henry! Harper unloaded a few rounds into Henry's chest and then got closer to Henry and fired a round into Henry's head!
 Henry fell to the ground and died as well!
 Everything seemed to fall silent for Richard! He just witnessed the death of his two older brothers, who also tried to kill him just moments ago!
Harper: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! This is not how I wanted to meet my nephews! I didn't want to kill anyone especially my own half brother Oliver's children!!!
 Even when Richard's phone rang, he just didn't hear it!!!
 Javier: Why did this happen?! Will Megan be OK?!
 Harper: She will be fine, but she will be turning back to her human form now! The suite had a fail safe to release the cure if she were to fail her mission.
 Harley: What hell just happened?! Why the hell did these guys attack us?!!!
Richard: My brothers, what happened to you guys?!
 Megan started to moan in pain.
 All Javier could do is hope that Megan would pull through!
The group slowly pulled together the fallen....Ray, Henry, and David!
 Harper: I'm sorry to tell you guys this but Henry and Ray truly died a long time ago! Zeus took their bodies and created what you see before you! The suites helped increase their strength but unlike Megan's they were already completely under Zeus's control! Megan seems to have been last minute preparation with temporary equipment. I'm sure, given time she would have ended up just like the two brothers!
Javier: How do you know all this?
Harper: One of my closest friends.....is undercover working for Zeus. She was able to tell me everything on how to track these guys and how to save Megan!
 As Richard and Javier laid Megan and Harley to rest. Javier could only stare at Megan, who he hadn't seen in years!
Richard: She is already starting to turn back to a human! Harley's wound will take some time to heal from the stab wound.
Javier: How are you holding up?
Richard: I'm staying strong! I'm not going to break down yet! I still got to save my brother Ron and my two younger sisters! But more importantly help kill that monster Zeus!
 Richard: How are you holding up?
Javier: I'm confused.....after my last encounter with Zeus, he seemed determined to keep Megan far from me. To make her into a puppet to kill us....I think whatever Zeus is truly planning is getting closer to happening and his desperation to keep us out of the way will cost a whole lot of life!
 Richard: If that is true.....my grandpa is most likely in danger as we speak!
Javier: Yes! But I can't go and leave Megan and Harvey. What's to stop Zeus from sending another attack or abducting our wounded!
Richard: My other concern is my so called new Uncle Harper. He moved like a vampire but he is human....where did he get his strength from?!
As the three bodies of the deceased turned to ash, Harper said a prayer for them. 
Harper: Forgive me my nephews, may you all find peace and keep our spots warm until we meet again! I must tell mother of what happened here today!