Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chapter 18

The Hilton's: Loved Ones
A New day began and Felicity, Melody, and Donovan have finally come home, unknowing of what events have occured in their home.
Felicity: Where is Poseidon? He hasn't been home for a long time!
Melody: He's probably staying with his "lady friend"! I think they're really serious!
Donovan: Well for being locked up for a couple of years, I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a girl sooner. I mean look at Hades and all the tail he's been getting! Even Zeus has had a few ladies over.
Melody: Don't judge him, he's just old fashioned....a gentleman!
Felicity: Speaking of all this couple stuff, when are you two going to make it official?!
Donovan gave Melody a little nod and both looked at Felicity.
Felicity: OMG! You guys are making it official!
Melody: I have to tell her now! She needs to know Donovan!
Donovan: Fine....but she better keep it a secret!
Felicity: Secrets! I can do that! Tell me, tell me!
Melody: Donovan and I are going to get married but not here. But in London.
Felicity: Yay! An overseas marriage!
Melody looked at the ground sad and then back up at Felicity.
Melody: Sister....we're not coming back afterwards. We are going to start over. Become human again and start a family! Where its safe and not around Zeus and all the crazy stuff that's been going on lately!
Felicity: Your going to leave me here?! But if you turn human....you'll grow old and....die!
Melody: I was hoping that you would come with us!
Just then the group heard a scream come from Hades hall!
Felicity: Oh God! That scared me! Stupid Hades and his parties!
The screams turned louder!
Donovan: Sounds like Hades is having a snack instead of a party!
As the screams continued, a voice began to plea!
Voice: Please! Stop it!
Melody: That sounds like Echo!
Felicity: Oh no! He's going to kill Echo!
Felicity began to run to Hades hall, Melody and Donovan followed!
Melody: Hey Donovan, this could be us in a few years chasing our own child!
Donovan: If Felicity decides to come with us....I think it will be a lot of years before we have kids!
As the group finally entered Hades hall, they were shocked at what they saw!
Felicity: Ron....what's-what's going on?!
Melody: What is going on here?!!!
Hades was levitating as Ron stood over him. Hades had lost all color, his hair had turned completly white! Almost as if Hades was being drained of everything!
Ron: Sister's! I'm glad you two finally came home! I have many things to tell you.
Melody: What's wrong with the others? What are you doing to Hades?!
Ron: They're fine! Hades on the other hand....well he's been a lot better!
Felicity: Please Ronny, put him down! What has happened to you?! Your a Vampire now! Who did that to you? Was it Hades? Zeus? Who?
Ron released Hades, which caused Hades to drop to the floor.
Ron: It was the woman I loved that turned me....your so called "mother!"
Ron: One of many subjects, that I would like to enlighten you two about! I want you two to know the truth about these people that we've lived with, trusted,.....loved.
Donovan: Ron! This is not the way to tell your sisters of what happened in the past! Please let the others go from whatever spell you have them under. We can lock up Hades and sit and talk.
Ron looked at Donovan as if his memories had finally connected and surprised him!
Ron: You! You were part of all of this chaos! You helped Sheri do it! How dare you stand there and pretend to care! Where was your compassion back then?!
Donovan: I was....I was young and stupid! I did things that I'm not proud of, especially now that I'm in love with Melody! If I could take it all back, I would! What I did to you and your family is unforgivable! I'm sorr...
Ron: Damn you!
Ron ludged at Donovan with full strength, in the process he knocked over his sisters. Barely missing them with his sword!
Ron began to puch Donovan repeatedly!
Ron: You killed my parents! I HATE YOU!!!
The punches became louder and harder! Melody and Felicity were shocked and confused on what Ron was saying!
Ron: My mother was beautiful and kind! My father was strong and brave! They were good people! And you animals took them away! All of you lied to me and my sisters ever since! You bastards tore my family apart, destroyed my brothers and now you want to take my sisters away! NEVER!!!!
Melody couldn't take it anymore, watching the love of her life being pummled!
Melody: Ron! That's ENOUGH!
Melody jumped to intervene!
Felicity: Melody don't! Please Ronny stop it!!!
Melody: I won't let you kill him! I love him Ron!!!
Ron quickly turned around and caught Melody!
Felicity: OH GOD!
Tears started to roll down Felicity face, as she stood there to frightend to react!
Felicity: Please....this can't be happening?!?!
Ron gripped his hand around his sisters' throat!
Ron: How dare you attack your own brother.....we're family! You would throw your life away for this trash! He helped kill our PARENTS!!!
Melody struggled to get free as Donovan regained his composer.
Ron: Fine! If you want him over your own family....then you should die with HIM!!!
Donovan quickly jumped up and kicked Ron! Ron flew back, dropping Melody in the process!
Donovan: Melody are you okay?!
Melody sat there in a daze and finally nodded in agreement!
Donovan: Damn you Ron! This is your sister! Have you totally lost it?!
Felicity slowly approached Ron, who laid motionless on the floor.
Felicity: What's going on?! Why is Ron going crazy?! Is what he said true?!
Donovan looked at Melody and then at Felicity. Immediatly the sister's knew it was true!
Suddenly Ron jumped up screaming and snarling, like a wild animal!
Ron: Your going to DIE! Donovan this is for my father and mother!!!
Ron dove at Donovan aiming his sword straight at his chest!
Everything went silent once Ron made contact! But the silence was broken by Felicity's screams!
Felicity: NOOO!!!!
At the last moment Melody jumped in Ron's path! Ron's sword went right through her chest instead of Donovan's!
Donovan: No....Melody! MELODY!!!
Ron quickly collapsed at the error he made! Pulling the sword out of Melody! Donovan quickly grabbed Melody and held her from collapsing herself!
Donovan: Why did you do that?!
He held her tightly. Melody struggled to stand and speak to Donovan.
Melody: I forgive you! All I ever known is this family! You, me, Felicity, Ron, Sheri......I didn't know my real parents. All I ever known is you! I love you! It might be wrong to but that's how it is....I forgi....
Melody died in Donovan's arms. As they all wept, Ron's emotions seemed to dissipate.
As Donovan held Melody, Ron slowly got up and stared at Donovan!
Ron: Now its your turn!
Donovan: NO! I have a promise to keep to your sister!
Ron: Promise?!
Donovan: She wanted to swim in the sea after we got married and cured ourselves....during the day. She wanted to feel the sun and jump in the ocean as a mortal! I'm going to take her outside!
Felicity: You-You can't! It's noon! You'll die too!
Donovan slowly headed towards the door.
Donovan: I....I know!
Ron: If you run...
Donovan: I won't! Besides dead men can't run! I'm so sorry Felicity....I failed your sister and everything that I did to hurt you and your family!
Donovan left the mansion and headed towards the back. He finally collapsed due to the intense pain from burning from the sun!
Donovan: I'm sorry Melody....this is as close as we'll ever be to the ocean!
Melody slowly started to turn to ash, Donovan held her tightly!
Donovan: I love you Melody....so much! You saved me! Not only today but you saved me everyday that you loved me! Wait for me....I'm coming Melody....we'll be together....
Donovan and Melody slowly turned to ash, as their ashes seemed to flutter in the breeze towards the ocean.
Ron: Just a couple more to go....Felicity please send Sheri a text message for me! Tell her that she is needed home immediately! It's time for my love to know pain!
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  1. I get surprised with each update! Great story!

  2. This story just gets more and more amazing with every chapter. And also three uses of my screaming pose and counting lol.

  3. Thanks guys for the comments!
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    1. Hey, no problem! It's a great tale! Worth the read! ;)