Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter 23

The Hilton's:
Deals Are Made To Be Broken
Unbeknownst to Richard, he had finally found Danny and Athena! But to his horror he found Danny close to death and Athena not looking so good herself!

Richard: What happened to my grandfather?!
Athena: Don't worry, he'll be fine! I've made sure of that!

Athena slowly laid Danny back to the ground, then she seemed to fade back to normal and extremely tired!

Richard: What have you done?
Athena: I ensured that Danny will live a very long life!
Richard: What do you mean?!
Athena: I gave him my immortality....with it my past and my future! I know it wasn't what he would want....
She then slowly gazed at her last son.
Athena: But a mother would do anything to help her child!

Richard: So your mortal now?!
Athena: Yes....but I still have enough power for one, maybe two spells.

As Athena sat by Danny, River entered the room!
River: Finally! I can now take his soul and leave this place....

As River grined and over looked Danny's body, he then realized what Athena had done!
In a spark of fury, River's form changed immediatly!
River: How dare you interfere with our deal! Danny should be dead, your interference has cost me his soul!

Athena sadly glanced up to River and then back to Danny.
Athena: Don't worry'll get an old soul....maybe more soon enough!
Back at the Hilton Estate, the sounds of beatings echoed throughout the building!

Still unconscious, Echo laid quietly, while Victoria stood by in almost a shocked state as she watched Javier and Lilly being beaten by Zeus and Poseidon!
Victoria: PLEASE....stop it!

Zeus: Pathetic! I was expecting more from you troublesome beings! 
Zeus continued to stomp on Javiar's chest, while Poseidon dealt with Lilly.
Zeus: I thought I told you Javier, not to face me until you became more powerful! If you think your strength has grown....then you truly disappointed me!
Poseidon held tightly to Lilly, almost to the point of crushing her neck!
Poseidon: You people think that you can come here and expect to beat us!
Lilly struggled to get free, but in the back of her mind she was getting weaker and knew she was about to die!
Thankfully Echo/Ron had woken up and caught the attention of Zeus, who stopped beating Javier.
Echo/Ron: You have finally come home I can avenge my family!
Poseidon dropped Lilly and looked at Echo confused.
Poseidon: What the hell are you talking about Echo?!
Zeus gazed at Echo and then he broke a small smile.
Zeus: You don't see it, do you brother?
Poseidon: What?! What the hell is going on?!!
Zeus: Ron....He's controlling her, he has been behind this whole ordeal! But more importantly he is the one responsible!
Poseison: For what?! Damn it brother stop speaking in riddles and spit it out! What is going on here?!!!
Zeus: You killed Hades, didn't you Ron?!
Echo/Ron: Yes....I now hold his powers within me! And I know all your secrets Zeus! Your brother knew about your true motives....sadly he accepted his fate he was to suffer!
Poseidon: You killed Hades! I've been killing these people based on a lie! Brother what is he talking about, what secret have you been keeping?!!!
Zeus: Calm yourself Poseidon! I'll tell you in due time. So Hades knew all this time. Well, I guess he was smarter than he lead on! Tell me Ron, how do you want to play this little game of yours?
Echo/Ron: I want you to spare my Uncle Javier and Lillian. They fought for the right to live on.
Zeus: What of your dear grandmother Victoria?
Echo/Ron: She stays....Danny will come for her. I want all of you here. Besides I gave my dear grandmother her chance to leave and live, sadly she chose to come back!

Zeus: Agreed. I will send your two relatives home...but...
Echo/Ron: "But"?
Zeus: I want to send Echo with them. She has served me well and I want her to carry on.
Echo/Ron: She is a great scientist. I guess her services will serve the greater good or she could also be the spoils of war! Fine.
Echo/Ron: One more thing, I want you to greet Danny when he arrives.
Zeus: Ha! In other words you want us to kill each other! I have no problem killing your dear grandfather if you don't have the heart to do so yourself!
As Ron controlled Echo to join Javier and Lilly, Zeus began to chant a spell to send the trio home.
However, Javier wasn't about to go without fighting till the end!
Javier: Damn you Zeus! Ron! RON, YOU CAN'T DO THIS! WE'RE FAMILY!
Ron: Family?! Dear Uncle, our family is dead! There is no family anymore!
As Javier and the others seem to fade away, Zeus then looked at Poseidon and Victoria.
Zeus: I guess the final battle is upon us! About that secret brother....
Back at the under ground bunker, Athena and River continued to argue over Danny and his fate. Richard could only do his best to keep the peace!
River: I was promised Danny's soul! What can you offer that would be worth more than him?!
Athena stood up and looked straight at River.
Athena: Dear Reaper, Angel of Death. I swear to you, that I will be the one to take my son's place! And who knows...I may be joined by my brothers too!
Just as she ended her sentence a bright light came from the living room. Within the sparks and light Javier and the ladies appeared.
Javier and Lilly were unconscious, while Echo sat on the floor confused and scared.
River and Richard ran to see what was going on and where shocked to see the three appear out of no where!
River: I knew I felt another Hilton pass on!
Richard: Oh God! Javier...Lilly! Echo...where is Sean?!
As Richard stared at Echo, she suddenly began to sob! Immediatly Richard knew, there was no more Sean.
As Richard helped the others, Athena stayed close to Danny.
Athena: Looks like the end is coming my son.
Athena: need to wake up and get back on your feet. Or your family will be no more!
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  1. Great as always. I don't think I've ever know how you manage to keep it so unpredictable, I never see any of your twists coming which is much more than I can say for MY writing or that of really anyone else I read. Can't wait for the next chapter.

  2. I'll hate to see Athena go. Great update!