Thursday, March 29, 2012

Chapter 10

The Hilton's: Discovery
The day after Danny discovered his lost love Victoria and his mother, Danny was extremely confused on what would happen next! The following day Victoria told Danny that Athena wanted to talk and to meet her at the cemetery. When Danny reached the cemetery he found his mother weeping next to Oliver's grave.
 Athena: You named one of your sons after your older brother!
Danny: Yes....Oliver was a brave man just like my older brother as well. My older brother held the family together when you and dad where gone!
Athena: That's what I hoped for when I left! That you and the others would stick together and help each other. Come Danny, sit with me.
 Athena: It's such a beautiful day!
Danny: Mom...why did you bring me out here?
Athena: To tell you something that I've been wanting to tell for a very long time but always was afraid of what others may have thought or how they would react!
Danny: What is it?!
 Athena: I have three older brothers....all have the same gifts as I do!
As Athena looked around, she slowly fiddled with her hands, nervous to begin her next sentence.
Athena: Danny.....Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are my brothers!
Danny: WHAT??!!! 
Athena: Long ago I placed my brothers in those sarcophagus's! I'm the one who locked them away for eternity....or so I thought!
Danny: I can't believe this! Why not tell everyone? Why not go to them and tell them to stop this madness?!
Athena: My brothers would not hear me then, why would they hear me now?!
Danny: What do we do then?!
Athena: You have to kill spell to lock them away won't work on them twice! By now they would have figured out how to counter any spell of that nature!
As the day wore on, Danny was in shock that he was related to the monsters that have or were responsible for so many family members deaths!
Danny: How do I kill them?!
Athena: Long ago I learned something very important about our family line! No matter what no other being could kill us! My brothers have been in many wars, some of which they started, they have been stabbed, hanged, and numerous other ways at killing any other person! None of it ever had any effect on them or me! 
Danny: Then how am I supposed to kill them?!
Athena: This is what I've learned, days before sealing them away....only our family line, our blood line can slay each other by any means!
Danny: You mean that I or any other person with our blood ties can kill them!
Athena: Yes...
Danny: How did you learn of this? And why didn't you kill them when you sealed them?!!!
Athena began to get very upset by this question and almost began to cry.
Athena: Could you have killed your own brothers?! I couldn't bring myself to do it....I love them still! How I learned about how to kill them is not important now! Besides its a proven fact, I should know....I killed a family member days before sealing my brothers!
Danny: I'm sorry mother! 
As the day seemed to fade away, Athena soon left. Danny stood there in the cemetery, even more confused and sad! Then his phone rang, it was Dave.
 Danny: What's going on Dave? Have you found any other relatives?
Dave: I got something to show you, its kinda of an emergency that you come to me as quickly as you can!
 Dave gave Danny the address and Danny was off to see what Dave had discovered!
Danny: I'm on my way! 
As Danny arrived at the address, he was surprised to see what looked like a normal park. Danny then saw Dave.
 Dave: Glad to see you get here so quickly!
Danny: Well you said it was an emergency! 
Dave: Did I say that, I meant more of a surprise! Follow me!
Dave then led Danny to a shed, within the shed was a set of spiraling stairs.
 As they made their way down, Danny realized that the stairs led to an underground bunker! There he was lead to familiar faces!
Danny: OH MY GOD!!!
Danny was face to face with most of his surviving relatives!
 Danny then saw Javier and his grandson Richard!
Danny: Javier! Richard! You guys are alive!!!
 As Danny looked around he saw Lillian the descendent of his sister Harmony! Then he saw Harley, Sheri's own grandson!
 Then he saw Sean, the descendent of his brother Milo!
 The group stood there without any expression on their faces.
 Javier then slowly approached Danny. Then suddenly punched Danny across the face!
Dave: What the hell are you doing?!
 Javier: What the hell took you so long to come back?!!! You know what has happened since you left?! My sister is dead and god only knows what happened to Henry and Ray!
As Danny hit the floor, Javier stared at him intensely!
Danny: I'm sorry Javier!
Javier: It's not your fault Danny!
Javier then quickly helped Danny up and gave him a hug!
Javier: Zeus, Sheri, and Kalson killed them! But you took care of Kalson, now we need to get the rest!
 Danny: Glad to see you Javier! I see you got some others on our side?!
Javier: I did what I could to save the one's that refused to join Zeus!
Then Richard slowly came forward and looked at Danny.
 Richard: Hi grandpa! 
Danny: Richard! You've grown soo much! 
As they hugged Danny felt happy but guilty at the same time!
 Danny: I'm sorry Richard....for not being there for you and the others!
Richard: Don't blame yourself grandpa! What happened wasn't your fault, none of us could have seen or believed that Sheri would betray our family! But now your back! And I know that we can save what's left of our family!
 Danny: You are absolutely right Richard! Now that we are together, nothing can stop us from correcting all the wrongs that have been brought upon our family!!!
Until Next Time!!!