Friday, August 19, 2011

Chapter 4

The Hilton's: Acceptance
Two weeks have past since Megan had gone "missing," many family, friends, and her manager have become insanely worried! No one has seen Megan and feared that she may no longer be alive! Unfortuntley, that hadn't stopped Sheri and her cohorts from continuing to take control of the town! Sheri had the mansion interior completely redesigned and also got a special delivery via Egypt!!!
 Donovan: What the hell?! Why in the world would you want an old dusty ass coffin in your house?!
Kalson: It's not a coffin, you dimwit! It's a sarcophagus! A very old one in fact!
Donovan: You mean a Mummy coffin! 
Kalson: Yes! A "mummy" coffin....dimwit!
Donovan: Kalson, if you keep calling names....
Sheri: Boys, boys, your both gorgeous! Does it really matter what you call each other!? Anyways, Donovan, I need that taken to the Potion room!
Donovan: Fine! You guys are lucky that I'm a vampire now! I would have never been able to carry this thing as a mortal!
Sheri: Once you get placed I need you to go pick up Don.
Donovan: Will he come with me?
Sheri: Just tell him that its of high importance that he comes to me! Kalson will you join me in the Potion room?
Kalson: Lead the way.
After Donovan left, Kalson and Sheri opened to the sarcophagus. Once opened a man came walking out! 
Sheri: Kalson, let me introduce you to Zeus!
Kalson: Finally get to meet the man who is behind Sheri's diabolical plans!
Zeus slowly gazed at Kalson, which sent a shiver down Kalson's spine! 
Zeus: Pleasure to meet you, Kalson.
 Zeus: Sheri, is everything set? Don is on his way is he not?
Sheri: Yes, he should be here within the hour.
Kalson: Umm....Don already refused Sheri's offer once. What makes you think he will change his mind?
Zeus: All in due time young one. I have my ways of persuasion! Isn't that right Sheri?
Sheri looked down at the ground and nodded, almost in a sad way.
An hour later, Don had arrived to the mansion, then was escorted to the downstairs bedroom.
 There he was greeted by Zeus and the rest of the group.
Don: I love what you did with the place Sheri. Whose your armor clad friend?
Sheri: Don, let me introduce yo.....
Zeus: Enough with the pleasantries Sheri! Zeus is my name! 
Don: What's all this about?!
Zeus: I am aware that you, Sheri, and Kalson's father Randell all share portions of Danny's business's around this little town. Sheri offered to buy you out of your portion as she already bought out Randell's.
Don: Randell gave you everything Sheri!
Sheri: Yes!
Don: I don't know how you convinced Randell, but my answer is still NO!!!
Zeus: That's a shame! Don, I have been told that your family is made up of three, your son and granddaughter.
Don: Where is this going?! Sheri!?
Zeus: Your son Frank and your granddaughter should be dead right about now!
 Frank: Hi Bella, how is my number one girl? Are you and your husband in Paris yet?
Bella: Yeah! Dad it is amazing!!!
As Frank finished his phone call with his daughter, he heard a scream come from downstairs!
 Frank: Gotta go Bella, I think the new maid hurt herself! Love ya, bye....
Frank quickly ran down the stairs, where he saw a unfamiliar woman sitting in his living room.
 Frank: Who are yo.....
Once Frank got closer, he was shocked to see the maid dead on the floor!
Frank: What the hell have you done?! Who are you?!
 Isis: UV treated windows, nice!!! I think I'm going to keep this house as payment!
Isis: Jeez, calm down! I did you a favor, caught the help reading and relaxing on the job. So I "fired" her, hehe!!!
 Frank stood there in disbelief that this woman thought it was funny that she killed a person!
Frank: Get the hell out of my home!!!
Isis: Sorry buddy, can't do that!
 Frank: Get out or I'll throw you out!!!
Isis: to see you try!
With his vampire speed, Frank quickly picked up Isis and threw her to the floor and began to punch her! With every swing Isis let out a whine!
Isis: STOP, PLEASE STOP! Don't kill me!
Frank seemed to snap out of his rage and stopped once he heard her cries.
Isis: SUCKER!!!
 Isis: easily manipulated by a woman's cries! You could've easily killed me! Looks like all that time you had has done nothing but made you weak minded!
With that Isis cut off Frank's head!!!
 After Isis killed Frank she sat down in the middle of the bodies.
Isis: Damn! So Bella is in Paris....I don't want to go to Paris!
As she sat there, she stared at the dead maid.
 Isis: Hmm....well your a lady! Lets just say that you're Bella! When Bella gets back, then I'll kill her! I think I'm going to love this house....maybe get a new rug!
Back at the Mansion, 
Don broke down in tears once he heard the news that Frank and his "granddaughter" had been killed!
 Don: Sheri! Why would you...We grew up together, we died and were reborn together! Your like my sister!!!
Sheri: Don, then please give us what we want, I'm begging you, don't let more people die!
Don: What is the real reason you want this massive amount of power and wealth?!
Zeus: The real reason! You see Don, long ago my brothers and I once were considered "Gods"! 
Donovan: Brothers!?
Zeus: Before the ignorant people that we ruled found a way to seal me and my brother's away in these sarcophagus's! We were rulers! We had everything and could do anything! I want that I'm starting over now! Sheri on the other hand has her reason's for helping me accomplish this goal!
 Don: You bastards! I'll never willingly give you anything! Sheri, you broke my heart, you know that my family was everything to me!
Zeus: Let me ease your PAIN!!!
With that said Zeus seemed to just appear in front of Don! Zeus than jabbed his hand into Don's chest!
Zeus: I'll take that black heart from you Don, this world has no place for you now!!!
Zeus then ripped Don's heart out!!!
 Sheri: Zeus, why didn't you tell me that you were going to kill Frank and Bella?!
Zeus: Don't concern yourself with such minor details, with those two gone there will be no one to oppose you from gaining dear departed Don's assets!
Sheri: "Minor details"! Those were family members that had nothing to do with this!
Zeus: Sheri, calm yourself before all your efforts will be in vain!
Sheri: Forgive me, it won't happen again!
Zeus: Now then, lets get my brothers freed and me and you will be one step closer to our goals!
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chapter Three

The Hilton's: Time For Change
The day after Oliver, Stella, and Logan died, Sheri kept her end of the deal to her top assassins! She began with Isis and then Donovan. 
Sheri: With this gift you two will live forever! All your desires and dreams that you would spend your whole mortal life wanting and waiting for, will now be more like mere moments in time. 
Isis: Mere moments, do you mean that my biggest dreams or goals when accomplished will feel like any other day! 
Sheri: Enjoy those moments of accomplishments as much as possible, as they are very rare in an immortals life!
 Sheri: Treat this gift as a dream or nightmare, the choice is yours! The path you two take now is endless and tragic!
Donovan: Tragic, Nightmare! What does that all mean? 
Sheri: You two will see what I mean in due time! For now enjoy your immortality and all its pleasures!
Sheri: Kalson and you two got rid of the bodies? Everything is setup, correct?! 
Isis: Yes ma'am! We took care of all the gritty details!
Sheri: Good! Now its time to put on the show!
Later that day Sheri called Ron back home! With many of the top officials and other higher ups under Sheri and Kalson's influence, the murders were easily covered up to be nothing more than a mere car accident!
Sheri: My dear Ron, I have some terrible news! 
Ron: What's wrong Sheri?! 
Sheri: Your parents.....
 Ron broke down in tears at the news that his Mother, Father, and Uncle were all dead! The next few days all of Ron's brothers came together to plan the funerals and their families future! They held the funeral late in the evening so all family members and friends could attend, being that some were vampires.
As Ron's brothers came, it seemed harder and harder for Ron to keep his composure. 
Ray: Come here little bro! We'll get through this together!
Ron: I understand mom's death but dad and Uncle Logan were immortal! How did they die in the crash?!
Ray: Ron, dad and Logan were still humans....just without an expiration date! They still could die like any other man, woman, or child in this crazy world!
 When Ron's twin brother Richard came, Ron began to cry!
Richard: I know Ron, I miss them too!
Finally, all the brothers and the rest of the guest were all in attendance.
Henry: Ron did you know that being the eldest brother is really hard?
Ron: What do you mean?
Henry: I'm supposed to keep my siblings safe and happy but right now I feel completely useless! I wish I could take everyone's pain and make it all just go away!
Ron: Your doing what you can big brother! Your taking care of all the legalities and financial business. Your doing a good job! Thank you for taking care of us!
Later that night....
As the the guests slowly left the funeral, Sheri noticed Ron missing.
Sheri: Henry, Where's Ron?!
Henry: He's still at the cemetery!
With that Sheri had Henry watch the girls while she went back to the cemetery.
Sheri: Ron what are you doing here still?
Ron: I miss them so much Sheri! You know that Uncle Javier couldn't even bring himself to come to the cemetery! Hell! My brother's and I couldn't even get in contact with Grandpa Danny!
Sheri: Yes. Stella was Javier's only family. I can see why he would have a difficult time coming to the burial. Danny....well, we can keep looking for him to tell him the bad news! Now lets go home, your brother and sister's are waiting for you!
A few days later, an unexpected guest showed up....
 Megan unexpectedly walked right into the mansion as Sheri was getting rid of and putting away some of Oliver's, Stella's, and Logan's things from around the house.
 Sheri: Well, well, well, what in the world is Javier's celebrity girlfriends reason for this "lovely visit"!
Megan: Sheri....Where is everyone? 
Sheri: Ron is out and Henry took the girls for the afternoon. Did you hear, I'm now the girls guardian! Henry and the other boys thought it best that I take care of them and stay here in the mansion!
Megan took a hard look at Sheri and was in disbelief of what Sheri had just announced!
Megan: Sheri, can we talk?! I have something to ask you!
Sheri: Sure! Lets go sit in the Living room shall we!
 Sheri: Now then, how is Javier doing? I thought you two were going to France together?
Megan: That was the plan, but my Label called me last minute to do some interviews and promotional appearances for my new album. So I couldn't go.
Sheri: I'm sure Javier wasn't thrilled to hear that news! 
Megan: No he wasn't. Before I told him, Javier was acting crazy! Asking me to....well this isn't the reason I'm here! Sheri, I need to clarify on what happened the night Stella and the others died!
Shari: What do mean?!
Megan: Javier told me the "story" you gave him and others on what went down that night! I just need to know that when Oliver and Stella picked up Logan, they picked him up from the house, right?!
Sheri: No. They picked him up from work. He left work late and had Oliver pick him up!
Megan stared at Sheri for a moment which felt like forever!
 Shari: Megan....what's wrong?!
Megan continued to look at Sheri with a caught you smile!
Megan: You're lying Sheri! I talked to Logan that night on the phone!
Sheri: How dare you call me a liar! 
Megan: When I talked to Logan about my visit, he mentioned that he was just getting home before we said our goodbye's! That's why I had to ask you if Oliver picked up Logan from the house because Logan was home before he got into Oliver's car!
 Sheri got up and began to walk to the front door.
Sheri: I think its time for your ass to leave my house!!!
Megan: Not until you tell me what really happened that night?! TELL ME, YOU B*TCH!!!
As Megan argued with Sheri, she didn't notice that someone had entered the room.
 Sheri: You'll never know what happened that night! 
Megan: I will get proof that you had something to do with their deaths!
Sheri began to walk out of the room, Megan began to follow but stopped once she saw Donovan.
Megan: SHERI!!! I'll never quit looking for proof!!! You will be held responsible, I SWEAR IT!!!
As Sheri past Donovan, she stopped and looked atMegan and then at Donovan.
Sheri: Get rid of her! Make sure she is never found....and if she is found make it look like an accident!!! I've gotta get ready for work!
Donovan: No problem!
 Donovan: Lets play baby!!!
 Donovan jumped in Megan's path.
Megan: SHERI! People will look for me!
Donovan: Not the people in this town, we own this town now! All the officials are under our influence and do what we tell them to do!!!
 With a huge scuffle and Megan fighting back as best she could, she was taken down by Donovan! Megan was able to claw at Donovan's face but to no avail Donovan healed almost instantly!
Donovan began to lead Megan out of the Mansion. 
Donovan: Why are you grinning?!
Megan: Just thinking how fun its going to be to see you and that whore Sheri die for what you did to this family!
Donovan: Haha! Your going to be very entertaining aren't you!
Donovan took Megan from the house. Megan never stopped trying to get away but was no match for a vampire's strength!
After Donovan took Megan, Sheri called Kalson.
Sheri: Kalson, once I get home from work, I need you and Donovan to bring him here!
Kalson: No problem....You sound a bit shaky, everything going OK there?
Sheri: Yes, just needed a very annoying pest taken care of! So once you guys bring him, we talk to Uncle Don. Your father is on board with us right?
Kalson: Yes....what if Don doesn't join us?
Sheri: Then Death will be waiting for him!
Until Next Time!!!