Sunday, March 4, 2012

Chapter 9

The Hilton's: Regrets
Hours later, Kalson and Danny find there way outside. Kalson did not speak or resist any directions that Danny asked of him, almost like Kalson was in shock. Then finally, Kalson began to sob and finally started to speak to Danny.
 Kalson: Danny....
Danny: Kalson?
Kalson: I must confess that I still have so much hatred for you, nothing would give me more joy than to kill you! But....I'm done....this is the end of my journey.
Danny: Kalson, I never wanted this to happen! I just wanted peace and to be surrounded by the people I loved for as long as possible.
 Kalson: I thought I wanted that for awhile. Especially, when I met my son, I thought making him a vampire would help ease my mind and allow me the time to be a father to him. I must confess that I spent the majority of my immortality running from responsibility. I crushed dreams, hearts, and even the very essence of others to make myself feel....anything. I truly regret it all. Look at that moon, its marvelous!
 Danny: Is Victoria back in town as well?
Kalson: Yes. She came to me to collect her son, but it was already to late! I had turned him, my other son looked at me with disgust. I only hoped that Sam would remain with me, even after seeing his mother! When he chose to stay....I actually felt happy.
As Kalson walked to the other end of the garden to see the sun rise, Danny followed.
Kalson: Its been years since I've actually felt the warmth of the sun on my skin. Who would of thought that such a beautiful sight would be my undoing.
 As the sun rose more into the sky, the more Kalson began to burn. 
Kalson: Danny will you stay with me to the end?!
Danny: Yes, I will Kalson.
Kalson: Danny, I'm sorry for what happened to your sons! Zeus! He is a dangerous man! His two brothers are just as bad! And Sheri....Sheri she is just as lost as ever!
 Kalson: Damn it! My father and brother are insane with power! They will come after you and all who were involved with my demise! Danny! I'm sorr........
 Before Kalson could finish his sentence he faded away. However, Danny waited for the Reaper to appear! After the Reaper had collected the souls that had died, Danny approached the supernatural being!
 Danny: I must request a favor from you Reaper.
Reaper: A request....what will be thy payment? 
Danny: Will my immortality be sufficient payment?!
Reaper: That will be very sufficient, your immortality will be able to take my duties and set this body free to aid you with whatever request you want!
Danny: When I fully need you, can I call upon you to be there?
Reaper: Yes, your immortality will be a great reward to me! And it will allow you to become available to death! I will finally get my hands on one of the oldest souls on this world! Until we meet again....
Then the Reaper was gone as quickly as he appeared!
Later that day, Danny, Bella, and Dave came together to discuss what to do next.
 Bella: Simon and I are going to stay here in my fathers house for awhile. When ever you need us just give us a call and we'll come running!
Dave: I will stick with you Danny, maybe I'll do some snooping around and see if we have any other surviving relatives in town.
Danny: Just be careful Bella, we don't know when and how Kalson's family will react to his death.
Bella: No worries Danny, I'm sure Kalson's father is still out of town.
 As the group separated for the night, Danny found himself taking a walk to the cemetery. As he headed towards his sons grave, he saw a woman sobbing in front of Oliver's grave.
 Danny: Excuse me Miss.....
The lady slowly turned around and Danny was shocked to see Victoria! Oliver's mother, the woman who ran off with Kalson so many years ago!
 Victoria: Danny.....forgive me! Forgive me for what I've done to you and my son! I am completely sorry for all that has happened from the moment I left my one true love and my beautiful son!
As if time froze, Danny stared at Victoria. It almost felt like he was dreaming, then Victoria reached out and hugged Danny! Danny hugged her back as if she never left him at all! As they talked about the past and present events, Victoria suddenly stopped and looked at Danny with almost a panicked look!
Danny: What is it Victoria?!
Victoria: Will you come with me, no questions asked?!
Danny hesitantly nodded in agreement, Victoria grabbed his hand a took him to a house not to far from the cemetery.
 As Danny entered the house, he was greeted by a group of people he never seen he thought!
Victoria: Let me introduce you to my friends and to my son!
 Victoria: This is Athena.
 Victoria: Landon and Echo.
 Victoria: And this handsome man is Harper, my son!
Echo: Nice to meet you, Danny! Come everyone, lets allow Danny and Athena to talk!
The group slowly left the room, leaving Danny and Athena all alone. Athena slowly walked toward Danny and looked at him. Danny felt like he knew her but couldn't remember.
 Athena: Danny, don't you remember me? Ha, of course you do, its me! 
Danny looked at her and realized her voice was also very familiar, finally Athena reached out and hugged Danny!
Athena: Its me! Your mother, Kitty!!!
Danny: WHAT?! HOW?!
Athena slowly guided Danny to the couch.
 Athena: Danny, I'm immortal, not exactly like you though. I was turned into a vampire a long time ago but before that I was a witch! I cast a irreversible spell that gave me the ability to walk in the sun and not require so much blood to survive! 
Danny: But you grew old and died shortly after dad did! How and why did you leave us then?!
Athena: was all an illusion. You and your siblings saw an old woman but I never aged a day! Your father knew what I was and accepted the fact that one day I would act out my own death and leave my grown children. I went out to start a new life, like I've done so many times before. But know this I loved your father and all my children and leaving you all was like dying for real!
Danny: Then why leave?!
Athena: To allow my children to live a normal life, without the desire to ask for immortality from me. However, my wish was fulfilled by your other siblings who lived out their lives but sadly you chose a different path that has lead you here, back to me!
Danny: Why are you back in town mother?
Athena: To help you Danny! To finally give you peace and allow you to live a more stable life! 
As Athena stared at Danny, she slowly looked at the window behind Danny.
Athena: We'll talk more tomorrow Danny, right now you are needed outside.
 Danny slowly went outside to find Victoria overlooking the sea and in the distance you could see Bella's house.
Victoria: Danny....did he suffer?
Danny: Kalson?
Victoria: No my son, did he suffer a great deal before he died?
 Danny: No, he died instantly from his wound. Kalson was the one to really suffer in the end.
Victoria: I knew that Sam would run to his father ever since he was a child. Sam was too much like Kalson. I came here to get my son back but Kalson had already turned him! I was so angry at him but I looked into his eyes and only saw loneliness. Then to see Kalson look at Sam, I saw a spark of life. I thought I loved Kalson for a long time but realized it wasn't love, it was the gift of immortality that he gave me and then later on it was my sons! I want to kill Zeus, he is responsible for all this death!
Danny: I know how you feel but don't go in it alone! I've heard that this monster is powerful, someone we have to fight together and with a lot more help. Can you promise me that you will wait until we have a solid plan to attack?!
 Victoria: I promise my love.....
Danny slowly walked back to the house. Victoria slowly gazed at Danny as he disappeared into the house.
Victoria: I promise that I will end this and get revenge for my boys!!!
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  1. I almost feel sorry for Kalson, he seemed to have guinely regretted the things he had done, i know, i know, i'm a sap=b

    Wow Danny finding his mother is still alive, young and beautiful after all these years is crazy! I'm not sure i like what she said about giving him a 'normal life' though..

    I think that Victoria aint waiting on no one to get her revenge, although it may be wiser to.

    good update, looking forwards to more...edenz~

    google thinks i'm unknown=/

  2. Thank you! I totally agree with about Kalson, he was very complex character! Danny's mothers real motives are still up in the air at this moment! Victoria has always been very independent and does whatever she feels like no matter who gets in her way!