Monday, June 11, 2012

Chapter 15

The Hilton's: A Gift....
 Once everyone had a chance to congratulate Javier and Megan, it was time to begin the the spell that Athena was giving as a gift to all of the family to have a better chance against her brothers.
 Lilly: this going to hurt?
Athena: Afraid of a little pain?
Lilly: Hell no! Just want to be prepared....that's all!
 Athena: You will experience some discomfort, but as for pain....the pain will come when we all go into this final fight!
 As the group grew silent and it seemed everyone kind of looked at eachother. All most looking upon eachother, wondering in the back of their minds if this would be the last moments that they all be together like this in the future.
Danny: Ok! Let's get this done! I for one want to end this and finally have some sort of normal life after this, how bout you guys?!
 Javier: I agree! I think we all know what is at risk! I believe that I speak on behalf of everyone else that we can't lose this fight and we most certaintly can't lose any more loved ones!
Athena then looked at everyone and walked in the middle of the group.
Athena: Then we shall begin!
 With a few words Athena almost lifted into the air and sparks of energy radiated all around the group!
The group began to scream in pain, as the energy intensified!
 Megan: Javier!
Javier: Stay back Megan! It is okay! I need this to protect you and our baby!!!
 The pain was excuciating, causing Sean, Richard, and Lilly to collapse to the ground!
Danny: Don't let yourselves be over powered! Embrace it and let it become part of you!
 Danny and Javier held their positions and encouraged the others to keep strong!
 Athena: Almost! Just a little more....just...a...little....more....
 Energy swirled around everyone and their screams seemed to intensify!
 Finally, a huge spark of light and energy knocked everyone out for a few moments!
Slowly everyone began to wake up! And were surprise to see that their clothes had disintegrated and that their hair had grown out due to the massive amount of energy they all absorbed!
 Megan: Javier! Wake up my love!
Lilly: That totally hurt! And look at my hair....I have to redo my whole look now!
 Richard: At least your hair grew down! Mine decided to grow up....I look like a chia pet!
 Sean: Ouch! That stung like no other! Danny! Is Athena OK!
 Athena laid motionless in the middle, her hair had completely turned white and she looked very pail!
Danny: Mother! Richard is she....
 Richard: Relax! She is breathing! I'm assuming that she is just exhausted!
 Danny: Thank God! Is everyone else okay?
As the group slowly rose up they all nodded in agreement!
 Eventually Athena would recover and make a full recovery! A few days later Javier and Megan kept their words and got married! In a private ceremony they were surrounded by their loved ones and married under the stars!

Megan: I love you so much Javier!
Javier: I love you Megan!
 Later that night Javier and Megan sat under the stars and began talking about their future together!
Megan: Javier....You have to promise me that you'll come back to me! I want our baby to have a mommy and a daddy! And who knows....maybe a brother or sister!
 Javier: I promise....that I'll always be there for you Megan and for our baby!
Megan: .....What would be good names for a our baby if its a girl?
Javier: How bout Cyrstal or Christie?
Megan: If its a boy?
Javier: How bout Junior!
Megan: Junior?! Oh Javier.....Your the only Javier that I think I can handle!

The next morning Danny got a surprise guest!
 Danny: Come to collect my immortality Reaper?!
The Reaper slowly turned his head to face Danny.
Reaper: My dear Danny....I've collected your immortality the day I first helped you! You have been mortal since that very night!
 Danny: Well that sucks! Why not tell me then?!
Reaper: I had hoped you meet your demise by now! As infuriating as your ability to survive all odds, I must admit that I admire that very trait!
 Danny: Why are you here? I thought once you'd helped me that would have fullfilled our arrangement?!
Reaper: Simple minded mortal! When you asked for my help, I was binded to you for however long it would take for you to fully be safe or dead! In other words, I must aid you until the threat is fully dealt with!
 The Reaper slowly lifted himself from the bench and slowly came toward Danny.
 Danny gave a little laugh.
Danny: So you're stuck with me then?!
Reaper: It would appear so. However, for me to remain here, I must take a mortal form. As a mortal my supernatural abilities will be limited as well!
Slowly the Reapers robes seemed to fade away revealing a handsome young man.
 Danny: So this is what the Reaper looks like under those old dirty sheets!
Reaper: This is not my true a Reaper, I do not have a form. Reaper's are but the extension of Death, a shadow, or to some extent pure energy!
Danny: Then how do you have a body?

Reaper: This body is not mine, I made a deal with this man....I found him dying in a hospital bed! As you can see he is quite young, so he gladly excepted my deal. If he lent me his body and it survived this ordeal, I would release him and guarantee him a full and healthy life!
Danny: So your borrowing someones body?! In exchange for a full life....if he survives this battle? So can you die?
Reaper: Yes and no! The body can die but I will carry on and find a new body to continue my services!
Danny: Well that's.....kinda of messed up!
Reaper: Well, life I suppose is full of "messed up" moments!
Until Next Time!!!