Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chapter 20

The Hilton's: Familiar Faces
The room stood very silent and still. As Danny's clones seemed to curiously stare at the one that they were created from! Danny also looked at these familiar faces. Four was the daughter Danny never had, Five seemed to be the leader of the group, Six was obviously the muscle, and Seven seemed to be the loose cannon!
Five: So....who shall be first?
Danny: First?
Five: To finish you off!
The group broke out into a small laugh, as they continued to stare.
Six: I bet that we finish these two off within fifteen minutes!
Seven: Then you would be a fool!
Six: WHAT?!
Seven: Don't forget siblings, this is not an average woman! She is the sister of our powerful father and a witch!
Six: Father said, that she doesn't like to fight!
Seven: Doesn't mean she won't.
As the clones seemed to discuss their situation, Athena took the opportunity to take the first blow!
Athena quickly blasted Four and Five with her magic, sending the two flying into the air!
Athena: Foolish children, my brother doesn't allow his children freedom! Even if you kill us, he will kill all of you in the end!
During the confusion, Danny also caught Six and Seven off guard.
Athena stood over the stunned Four and Five making sure that they stayed down. While Danny continued to release kicks and punches to the other two!
However, Danny's attacks seemed to have little affect on them! He was starting to realize that without his vampire strength he was really no match for these two clones that had some of Zeus's energy within them!
Seven: Is that all dear daddy! I was expecting more from you! Given the fact that you and your family have been getting on our father's nerves lately!
Six: Weak! How have you killed so many of my father's followers?! Come brother let us put an end to this pathetic excuse of a man!
Danny prepared for the two's upcoming attack, but nothing seemed to prepare him for what was going to happen!
Using their vampire speed to their full advantage Six got a hold of Danny and lifted him into the air without any struggle! Danny struggled for air, as Six squeezed his throat firmly! Seven quickly got behind Danny and got ready to strike!
As Athena was coming to intervene, she was quickly grabbed from behind by the hair!
Four: Where do you think your going?! Shooting me with your little light show, you filthy witch! Hurry my brother finish him off!!!
Seven: Hold him still! This is for my father!!!
Seven swung his arm back and quickly swung it back, stabbing Danny in his back! Danny let out a gasp of pain as Seven dug his claws further into Danny!
Athena struggled to get free, but Four proceeded to pin Athena to the ground, getting ahold onto Athena's arm!
Athena: DANNY!!!
Six violently threw Danny to the ground as he moaned in pain, his blood began to flow onto the floor!
 Five: Now it's your turn, Great Athena!
Five: Come brothers, let us tear her apart and deliver her head to our dear father!
The group decended onto Athena quickly! To ensure that she could not use anymore magic!
Seven: Let me at that pretty face!
Four: Tear her apart brothers!
As the group continued to assault Athena, she could only look on as her last son slowly began to die!
Athena: NO! NOT AGAIN!!!
As Athena screamed a rush of heat came from her, followed by fire!
The clones quickly jumped off her, but Six was to late! Six began to burn and no matter what he did, he or anyone else could extinguish the flames!
Four: Oh God! What can we do!!!
Six: AHH!!! Sister help me!!!
Four and the others could only watch the horror unfold!

Five: Don't touch him! Those aren't ordinary flames! If you get fire on'll DIE!!!
Seven: Damn it! Then how do we save our brother and kill the witch?!
Five: We don't....Six is already dead! But Athena can't hide in those flames we wait her out!
Finally, Six let out his last few screams of pain and died in front of his siblings!
Four began to cry and began to run for the exit.
Five: Stop! We have unfinished bussiness! We can't leave until the witch is dead!
Five: So in the mean time, lets be sure that Danny is truly dead. Brother would you be so kind as to relieve Danny of his heart!
Just as Five finished his sentence, Athena rose from the flames!
Athena: YOU
Athena: WILL NOT
Athena: TOUCH
Athena: MY SON!!!
Athena quickly lifted her arm and released another spell onto Five!
Five suddenly burst into flames, he growled in intense pain!
Five: Brother, Sister HELP ME!!!!
Five: NO!!! HELP ME!!!!
Four and Seven could do nothing to help their brother and stood in complete terror of the power Athena held!!!
Athena's attention then landed on the remaining two!
Four and Seven quickly ran away, leaving Athena surrounded by flames and the smell of burning flesh!
Athena: Flames created by anger....I ask of you to be at peace!
The flames began to slowly dissipate.
As the flames slowly died down, her attention immediatly went to her child! She quickly ran to Danny and tried to wake him up!
Athena: Danny! Danny, please wake up! You can't can't die! Please, please wake up!
Danny was growing cold and limp and Athena tried different spells to heal his wounds but to no avail!
Athena: Forgive me Danny! You are not meant to die today....YOU HEAR ME DANNY?!!! I'm so sorry son....but my burden is now going to be yours!
Athena began a very powerful spell to help her last son!
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