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Chapter 24

The Hilton's:
Time To Move On
Richard and the others were able to get Danny, Javier, and Lilly in beds for them to recover. As Athena looked upon Danny, the room door opened and in came Echo.
Athena: So you took the cure Echo?
Echo: Yes...I couldn't stand being a vampire another day!
Athena: Richard do you think that Danny and the others will be okay?
Richard: Yes. They all suffered serious injuries, but due to their vampire bodies they should be up in no time! As for Danny....Whatever you did, he has already healed! We just have to wait until they wake up.
Echo: I just can't believe that you gave much Athena!
Athena: It may seem like a lot, but it is nothing compared to ensuring that my child stays alive!
River: I still can't believe Ron has taken on the inititive! I always thought Ron was just another pawn of Zeus'!
River: Tell me Echo, what happened at the estate, to you and the others? Where is Victoria? And how did Zeus react to Ron's power?
Echo: Honestly, most is a blur. I know that Ron has immense power! He killed....
Echo stopped and looked at Richard.
Richard: Go on Echo.
Echo: He killed Harley, Corri and.....Melody. But he didn't mean to kill her, it just happened! My memory of what happened to Sheri is still hazy. But Zeus seemed more ammused and kept Victoria, to ensure that Danny would come for her!
Richard: Oh Ron! Do you know what happened to Felicity?
Echo: I believe she is with Ron.
Athena: I'm so sorry Richard.
Richard continued on checking on the others to take his mind of his family, trying his hardest to fight back tears.
Later that day.
Athena: Your finally awake! I'm sure you have a ton of questions for me. Danny...I'm sorry for doing what I did. I-I just couldn't lose you too!
Danny: I'm not mad at you mom. I'm sad for you. I'm sad for my family, for Richard, and I'm just so very sad!
Athena looked upon Danny and did her best not to cry and run to him and embrace him.
Athena: Use it! Use that saddness to help make you stronger, so you can finally bring your family peace!
Danny: I-I will!
Athena: Now that you have my immortality, you also obtained most of my memories and magic. Do you understand why I left, why I can only stay in one place for one life time.
Danny: Because of your father.
Athena: "Father", I may refer to him as that but he isn't my real father. He was our savior, my brothers and I. We were turned by a vampire against our will and used as his property! But father saved us! Killed our maker and took us in as his own. He taught us the ways of a vampire and gave us purpose. Once we were capable of being on our own, he returned to his family! He is one of the very first vampire's in this world! Later on he would be our greatest enemy, our greatest fear.
Danny: Why? What caused this?
Athena: He went through vampire's like matches! He liked me and my brothers for our magical abilities. So he took our children, our first born. My brothers all gave up one of their children, but once I had mine and discovered they had our abilities, we ran! And continued running until we reached Egypt and gained power and wealth! But the peace wasn't to last, soon I killed one of my children and sealed my brothers! From that day on me and my daughter were on the run! 
Danny: Where is she now?
Athena hesitated to answer.
Athena: I honestly don't know. I can tell you that she and I never really bonded after her brother died. One day she said she was leaving to begin her own life. She hugged me and said goodbye. That was two or three life times ago.
Danny: I'm sorry.
Athena: Don't be. I know that she is still alive out there! Maybe, one day you two will meet. Enough of memory lane, let us discuss our plan of action....and Danny, please put some clothes on!
Hours later.
River: Are you sure you want to do this Danny? They could still be of some help in the fight.
Danny: No. I won't lose any more family and friends to this war.
Athena: It is a wise decision Danny. This will ensure your families legacy.
River: Or ensure our quick defeat.
Danny: No. This is the right thing to do. I-I know that I can beat Zeus and save my family!
Danny then called everyone to come together for a very important announcement. As Javier, Richard, Lilly, and Echo came, they all noticed the bottles of the vampire cure and a very serious looking Danny.
Javier: Danny....what's going on?
Danny: In light of Sean's and Melody's death, I've decided that you. The last members of my family will not continue in this war!
Lilly: What the hell are babbling about! You can't decide this for us! We've lost friends and family too! My Aunt Corri! No! I won't stop...I can't, I have to fight and avenge my Au....
Echo: Enough!
The room fell silent. Lilly stopped talking as tears began to roll down her face. She quickly wiped them away.
Echo: Danny knows all this...why else would he want to spare you and the others the same fate as your Aunt Corri, Melody, Sean, and everyone that has died!
Lilly rolled her eyes in anger and was very displeased to the truth.
Echo: So much death....Don't you guys see, Danny wants to save what little family he has left. To carry live!
Javier: So what will you have us do Danny? Take the cure, go home and continue life as you fight?
Danny: Yes. I want all of you to go and live. I want to end this without losing any of you! I want you I need you guys to continue on.
Lilly: I don't think I can.
Danny: I know you can Lilly. I know your mother and your aunt would've wanted you to live on.
Lilly fell silent and fought back more tears as she remembered her mom and aunt.
Danny: I know it hurts and that all of you are mad at me right now. But this is the way it has to be!
Richard:'ll save them won't you? Ron and Felicity are my only siblings left.
Lilly: No there not, you have us! We're your siblings too!
Danny: I'll give my life to bring them back Richard! I won't stop until I save them all!
Richard nodded in agreement and looked at Javier and Lilly and then at the cure that sat in front of him.
Richard picked up the bottle and drank it!
As Lilly watched on, Javier also drank the cure. Lilly slowly turned her attention to Danny.
Lilly: I can't....not yet anyways. I'm sorry....but I will listen to your wishes!
Danny: Don't be sorry Lilly. As long as you live, I'll be happy.
Within moments the cure started taking its effects on Javier and Richard. They were human again!
Danny, Athena and River prepared to leave, as they were leaving Danny turned around to look upon the ones that would continue the familiy legacy.
Danny was reminded of the day he first left his family so long ago. Back then it was Oliver, Stella, Logan, and Ron that said their goodbyes to Danny before he left.
Richard: Grandpa, you better come back home from this!
Javier: Kick Zeus' ass for me! And whatever you do, don't forget that you have us to rely on!
Danny nodded in agreement as he gazed upon the last members of a great family!
Danny: I will come back and I'll never forget all of your support!
The time had come, Danny and the others had reached the estate and entered! They were greeted by an unexpected site!
Athena: Oh God! Zeus! Stop!
Zeus was at the end of a spell of taking Poseidon's powers and immortality!
Zeus continued to drain Poseidon as he gazed up to Athena and the others. He didn't say a word, once done Zeus dropped Poseidon to the ground!
Poseidon moaned in pain. Danny quickly saw Victoria uncounscious behind Zeus.
Zeus: Sister, so glad to finally see you! I knew that my "children" would be no match for you!
Athena: Yet you still sent them to their deaths!
Zeus: Don't pity the the weak Athena, your better than that....
Athena: Zeus, you never did give me a straight answer as to why you need all this power and to resurrect your children.
Zeus: Father!
Athena: What about him?!
Zeus: He's coming for us! He knows where we are!
Athena: How do you know this?!
Zeus: I was visited by one of his children...Our sibling Hermes!
Athena: Hermes! When? What did he say to you?!
Zeus: It doesn't matter! All that does matter is that father is coming and I need the power and army to stop him!
Danny: Stop him from doing what? None of you have children to offer him!
Zeus: We don't but Athena does! Don't you sister!
Danny: Damn you Zeus!
Zeus then realized what Athena had done for Danny and shook his head in disbelief!
Zeus: You stupid woman! You gave your powers to him!
Athena: Upset, that you didn't get a chance to take them from me brother?!
Zeus: I'm only taking them to ensure our survival! Father wants us DEAD!
Athena: Why?!
Zeus: He seeks to replace us! To punish us, there is no real reason why! Father does what he wants! You of all people know this!
Athena: So for "our" survival, you intended to strip us from our powers to increase yours! Sounds more like your doing it to ensure your survival brother!
Zeus: Well, you never where that gullible like our brothers! But you made one big mistake sister!
Athena: And what would that mistake be?
Zeus' gaze then drifted to Danny. Zeus then smiled and then looked back at Athena.
Zeus: You made my job at aqcuiring your powers so much easier!
Quickly the group prepared themselves for Zeus to attack!
Athena: You won't lay a finger on my son....not again!
Zeus: It's to late for you chose mortality for your child! I chose to live forever no matter the COST!!!
As Athena's group looked on, Zeus began to tranform in front of them!
Zeus: Poseidon's power flows within me! I can feel the immense POWER!!!
Zeus: Sister! If you only knew the feels AMAZING!!! NOTHING WILL STOP ME NOW! I AM A GOD!!!
As intense amount of energy engulfed Zeus, Athena could only watch in horror as her brother turned into a monster!
Zeus: AHH!!!
Zeus had finished transforming, then turned his gaze unto his sister! In a demonic tone of voice he spoke!
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  1. I wonder what Lilly may be up to, to not have taken the cure. Great update.

  2. She's very uncooperative in game, so I haven't really decided what's next for Lilly! She's such a rebel! Thanks for reading!