Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Chapter 21

The Hilton's:
Punishment By A Broken Heart
Sheri finally made it back home, as she entered Poseidon's Hall she was greeted by Felicity.
Sheri: Felicity....where is everyone?
Felicity stood in front of Sheri with a blank expression, Sheri immediatly knew something was up!
Felicity: Please "mother" follow me. Ron would like to see you as soon as possible.
Sheri: Are you okay Felicity? You seem kind of out of it!
Felicity: Please this way.
As Felicity began to walk towards Hades Hall, Sheri could only brace herself for what was surely going to be a long night!
As Sheri followed Felicity, she felt something dark. Sheri felt like she was surrounded by an energy of rage and dark magic!
As Sheri entered Hades Hall, she noticed Felicity suddenly seemed to shut down, almost like a doll, Felicity stood very still and quiet.
Sheri then was greeted by a horrible sight!
Hades was laying on the ground, completely drained of all of his energy. Sheri could sense that Hades life was on the verge of ending!
Sheri: What is going on here?!
Sheri looked around and finally realized that Ron wasn't alone, just like Felicity, Echo and Harley stood by Ron!
Hades: me...he-he took my powers....and my immortality! Help me!
Ron gazed down at the once powerful being and gave a little smile, indicating that he was proud of taking down one of the most powerful beings in town!
Ron: Funny isn't it?! Hades has killed and tortured countless people in this town! Yet he lies there and begs for help from one of the most unreliable and untrustworthy beings in the world!
Ron then raised his hand, as his had rose, so did Hades. Ron forced Hades onto his knees and then Ron's eyes seemed to direct Harley to get closer to Hades.
Ron: The time has come....Hades your time has come.
Hades: Damn you! When I get my energy back, I'm going to rip your F#$KING HEAD OFF!
Ron then smiled and again looked at Harley. Harley then proceeded to slide his sword into Hades chest!
Hades let out a sream of pain as Harley slid his sword across Hades chest and finally hitting his heart!
Hades: BROTHERS! HElp mee.....
Hades finally collasped to the floor and died a mortal death. Harley then seemed to go back to the same trance he was in before.
Sheri: WHY?!!! Ron what are you doing?! This isn't what I wanted for you! I-I wanted you to be happy and free!
Ron: Happy and free you say. But I am happy. I'm getting my revenge on the monsters that killed my family! My powers have grown thanks to you and will continue to grow thanks to the powers I took from Hades! I will soon be able to kill Zeus and punish all those who have hurt me and my family!
Ron: I plan on killing Poseidon and gaining his powers, then kill Zeus! With them gone I will use all that power to bring my family back! BRING THEM ALL BACK!
Then in an angry look and tone of voice he directed his attention to Sheri.
Ron: However, I still need to punish the ones that started this nightmare! Namely YOU AND MY DEAR GRANDFATHER....DANNY!!!
Tears began to roll down Sheri's face. As she was finally being confronted by Ron and all the wrong she had done to him!
Ron: I loved you! I wanted a future with you! But to finally wake up from a dream, I learn that you caused all my pain! WHY?! WHY THEM?! THEY WERE GOOD PEOPLE! They brought you into our home and they all cared for you!
Sheri stood there, to ashamed to speak and a little frightened as well! Until Ron grew angry from her silence.
Sheri: I-I was....wrong. I listened to Zeus and all of his false promises! I was desperate to get my husband back! I was also jealous of all the happiness that Danny and his family shared, while mine seemed to be falling apart! I'm so sorry Ron!
Ron: SO I'M I!!!
With that said, Ron looked at Harley and without hesitation stabbed Harley in the chest!
Ron: I want you to know my pain! To know that you were unable to do anything to stop your family from dying!
Sheri: NO Ron!!! OH GOD!!! HARLEY!!!
Sheri began to run to Harley, her only grandson, her last family member!

Sheri was able to catch Harley before he hit the ground! Once in Sheri's arms, Harley seemed to be free of Ron's control. But it was to late, Harley was dying!
Harley: Grandma! I knew you still cared!
Harley began to spit up blood as he forced himself to speak to his grandmother!
Sheri: I've always cared....I love you Harley, I stayed away, so Zeus could never use you or your dad! I only wanted my family to be safe!
Harley: I know....I just wanted to rescue you and take you away from all this! I missed you grandma.....
Harley then slowly died in Sheri's arms!
Ron gazed down at Sheri as she sobbed over her grandson's body.
Ron: Consider this moment a privledge! Holding him like this, something that you, Zeus, and the others denied me and my siblings to do! We never got the chance to hold our parents or say our goodbyes like this! You and the others disposed of their bodies, made it to look like an accident! We had to keep their funeral closed caskets, my siblings and me had only our memories of them to say goodbye to! 
Sheri gently laid Harley down and stood up in front of Ron, awaiting for whatever he planned to do to her!
Sheri: What are you waiting for Ron?! Finish it! Take your revenge on me.....kill me and be at peace!
Ron: NO! Not yet, I have a surprise for you! I want to show you what you and the others made me into!
Ron crouched down and a swirl of energy surrounded him! Flames and sparks of energy consumed him!
Sheri quickly took this opportunity to try and snap Felicity out of her trance!
Sheri: Felicity...wake up! You need to get out of here and get far away from this town as possible!
Sheri then surveyed the room and grew concerned, Melody was no where to be seen.
Sheri: Felicity....where is your sister?!
From the mass of energy Ron's voice, which sounded deeper with a demonic tone spoke!
Ron slowly rose from the energy mass, his appearance had changed dramatically!
Ron: She chose the life filled with lies over her own family! In essence she chose DEATH!
As the energy surrounding Ron died down, Sheri stood in absolute silence! Shocked to hear that Ron had killed his own sister!
Sheri:'ve lost your mind!
Ron seemed to vanish as he rushed and grabbed Sheri! Sheri was pushed back all the way to the other end of the room, crashing into the entrance door!
Ron held her up by the throat! Sheri struggled to get free from Ron's grasp!
Ron's face became twisted of guilt and rage!
Ron: She left me no choice! She made me kill her!
Ron then threw Sheri to the ground hard and stood over her with absolute disgust!
Ron: You of all beings shouldn't judge my actions! How many family members and friends have you killed over the years! And you have the audacity to judge ME!!!
Ron: Enough talk! Sheri you were my first true you are nothing to me! I have been wanting to kill you ever since my memories came back! Then I realized that death would be more of a way to release you from your crimes!
Ron: NO!!! I want you to suffer for the rest of your days! I want you to carry the guilt as you slowly roam this world! I want you to remember every time you wake up each morning and to always dream about what you did when you sleep!
Ron: If you haven't realized it yet, I'm letting you keep your pathetic life! However, you will not be a part of my story anymore!
Ron then lifted his staff and quietly chanted some words. Sheri seemed to fade away. Ron then slowly looked up toward the ceiling.
Ron: love!
Sheri woke up to a bright light and then a burning sensation! Ron had sent her back. Back to the place where all her troubles began!
Sheri: RON!!! This can't be happening!
Sheri ran around the ruins, trying to find any kind of shelter to hide in until nightfall! As she began to burn more, she quickly realized there was nothing she could do! As she ran around almost to the point of giving up any hope, she noticed a bottle. It was the vampire cure! Ron must've sent it along with her as a cruel gesture!
Sheri: Damn it!
After all these years of resisting and avoiding the cure! She was now forced to drink it!
As the tears flowed down her face Sheri drank the the cure. She was now mortal, stranded thousands of miles away from anyone she knew, and without a cent on her! She was trapped, stuck in another country!

As Sheri gazed at her mortal body, she began to sob uncontrollably!
Sheri: I'm sorry....I'm so sorry! RON! I'M SORRY!!!
Until Next Time!!!