Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter Two

The Hilton's: No Emotion...
Just two weeks after Danny had left on his journey, Stella went into labor! Not only did she have a girl but she had twin girls!!! She named her dark haired child Melody and her light haired child Felicity!
Stella: Welcome to the world my little beauties! Mama loves you two so very much!
Months went by quickly and after all the cooing and celebration of Stella's new babies, the visitor's of family and friends finally seemed to stop! A few days later Oliver and Stella were getting ready to go out for the day. Oliver: Ron, are you sure your OK watching the girls? Ron: Yeah, am sure! Stella: We'll be back later tonight. Ron: Where are you guys going again? Stella: We're going to go get a gift for Megan. She's finally coming home from her Rock Tour! She's going to be stopping by to see the girls before she leaves to France to see Javier! Ron: Javier's Rock Star girlfriend is coming here, COOL! Alright, you guys have fun doing that, the twins and I are going to trash the house while you guys are gone! Oliver: Great, can't wait to come home to that! Ron: Hey, while the parents are away, its the children's duty to play!!! Oliver: Your Uncle Logan will be home in an hour or two. Ron: OK. 
As always Stella gave Ron and her two babies a kiss goodbye. Ron watched as his parents left and turned to his two little sisters and said, "What's that smell, ahh man both of you guys went at the same time!!!"
Later that day, Ron just put the girls down for a nap. He then went into the Office where he found Sheri waiting. 
 Sheri: Hello Ron, aren't we looking handsome today! Ron: Sheri are you done with all your work? 
Sheri: Yes. Honey, have you been studying that pedestal still? Ron: Of course I have....didn't you want me to? Sheri: Yes! How far along are you? Ron: I'm on the last few chapter's....why? Sheri: No reason. You haven't performed any actual magic yet? Ron: No. Sheri: Good, I want it to be a surprise for your parents! They'll be so proud that one of their sons can do such extraordinary things! Ron: My brothers are doing wonderful things, Richard is studying to be a Architect, Henry is a Doctor, and  Ray has become an Archaeologist! Sheri: Of course they are! However, you are going to be the most important man in town and over time, in the world! Ron: You believe in me that much?! Sheri: Absolutely! Now go finish reading and come to me when you are done.
Ron went back to study the pedestal and completed it. When finished he felt a wave of power surge through his body, it gave him chills!
 He did what Sheri wanted and returned to her after he completed his task. Sheri: Finished already! Now then, I need you to go! Ron: What do you mean?! Sheri then used her Vampire powers to persuade Ron to go on a road trip. Ron: Where should I go? Sheri: Go visit you brother Richard at his school. And only come home when I call you. Ron: What about my sister's? Sheri: They will be fine. Now go my dear and remember, only when I call when you can return home!
Ron packed some of his things and left. As soon as he was gone, Sheri called the mysterious Voice,  
Sheri: Its time! I will begin the first part of our plan. Voice: Is the house empty? Sheri: Just the babies are here but are sound asleep! As Sheri stood over the girls cribs she continued to talk to the Voice. Sheri: I will try to get into the potion room first. Voice: I will be coming with back up now! What about Logan, is he not going to be a problem? Sheri: He is not home yet, but if he does not cooperate, I will deal with him.  
Voice: Of course you will! After the phone conversation, Sheri quickly ran downstairs and began her attempt to open the Potion Room. However, with all her strength could not open the door. Sheri: Damn you Danny! You put protective spells or potions to block anyone from breaking in! I need that key he gave Logan! 
She then heard Logan come home, she collapsed in front of the Potion room door and began to "cry". 
 Logan ran downstairs and found Sheri in front of the Potion room door. Logan: What's wrong Sheri? Why are you crying and what are you doing  in here? Sheri: Oh Logan! Its terrible, my son he's so old and near death! I can sense that he has days before he passes away! Logan: Sheri, I know your pain. My son is getting old as well. He will die soon, so will my grandson but that is the way life goes and should go!  
Sheri: How dare you say that when you and your brother live on forever! Logan: You think this way of life is special?! Its not! I drank that potion for my father, after he begged me for years! That potion is going to be my undoing, I will watch my children and their children's children die....FOREVER! Sheri: Forever....sounds horrible for you. Logan: Just thinking about it makes me die a little every time! Sheri: You suffer that much? Logan: I do....besides Sheri what's behind that door will not help your son or mine!
Sheri: Really....Then what use are you then?! She glanced up and quickly attacked Logan. Completely caught off guard,  Logan could not protect himself from Sheri's attack! Logan: SHERI! WHY?!  
Sheri: WHY?! You damn fool, you think I really care about my idiot son? He had his chance to become a vampire and be great! Like a fool he turned down my offer and died as an old forgettable fool!!!! YES! He is dead....He died just two days ago! One of my many secrets I kept from your disgraceful family!
As Logan collapsed to the floor gasping for air, he looked at Sheri. Sheri: Why so surprised? Being a vampire for so long, you have forgotten what pain feels like haven't you Logan. This is what happens to mortals, which you have decided to become at the request of your father! All that power you had....You could've easily survived this attack and turned the tables on me but now you will die and so will the rest of your FAMILY!!!! Logan's vision starts to get blurred and then he slowly slips away from the life he has lived for so long.
Sheri searches Logan and finds the Potion room key! She then hears Oliver and Stella come home, she quickly hides herself! Oliver: Ron! We're home and thank you for not trashing the house! Stella: The girls are asleep, where's Ron at? Oliver: Maybe he's downstairs with Logan. As Oliver and Stella get downstairs, they open Logan's bedroom door....There they find Logan's body!
 Stella: Oh no!!! Oliver: No! Logan, what happened?! As Oliver and Stella weeped for Logan, Death arrived to collect Logan's soul! Oliver: Wait! Do not take him! I can get a Death Flower from the chest in the Potion room! Death: It is to late for you brother! Besides, you and your wife should be worrying about whats coming from behind that door! With that warning Death took Logan's soul and left!
Oliver and Stella ran to the other side of the room! Then to their surprise Sheri came through the door with two mysterious but deadly looking people!
 Oliver: Sheri! What the hell is going on?! Sheri: Hmm....A lot is going on Oliver, I just found out that the No Aging potion prevents only age, time from killing you! But like all mortals, even the ones that can live forever can die! Its time for a new family to be in charge! Oliver: What are talking about? Sheri: For to long your father has decided who lives and who dies! Its time for a change and that change starts now! Stella: Did you kill Logan? Sheri: Yes. Stella: How could you! He was like a brother to you! Sheri: No. I had a real brother but like the rest of my family they faded away to time! Why? Because they did not want to become a monster! I never thought of myself as a monster! What Danny did to me so many years ago was a gift! Then he went and became mortal, then became immortal with that damn potion! Did he offer me or my other cousins that opportunity? NO!!! He went on....leaving what he created to live by restrictions! Then gloated about his discovery by making potions for his sons!
 Stella: Where's Ron? Where's my son?! Sheri: He's safe, no harm will come to my Ron! Oliver: Why kill Logan? Sheri: Why not? He is an obstacle that stood in my way! Besides without any heirs, all of Danny's possessions will eventually fall to me! Stella: What will you do with us?!
Sheri: Now that is the question, that I can explain these two! You see these two are the top assassins in the world! Isis and Donovan, they will kill you and do what I ask of them! All for a kiss of everlasting life! 
Oliver: To become Vampire's, they'll kill our whole family! Sheri: Why not! Who in the world wouldn't want to live forever?! As Sheri gazed at Oliver and Stella with no emotions, she uttered the word "ATTACK!"
The two assassins came charging, Oliver quickly went into action and did a spinning kick!
Oliver: Quickly Stella! Run and get the girls and get out! Stella: What about yo.... Oliver: RUN!!!
 Stella quickly ran out of the room and headed upstairs to get the girls! Sheri easily dodged her flying assassins!
Sheri: Oh Oliver....Why must you make this difficult! As Isis and Donovan got to their feet, Sheri began to giggle! Oliver: What the hell is so funny?! Sheri: Stella is not going to get very far! Isis: You bastard! That hurt and you almost made my top come off! Donovan: You act like that's a bad thing! Isis: Shut up!!!  
Sheri: Stella and you are going to die! Oliver: Well, I ain't going to make it easy for you! What do you think that I did with all that time my father gave me? I have learned several fighting techniques! Sheri: Have you now? Well, I guess you should be able to deflect this....
 With her vampire speed, Sheri was able to quickly get behind Oliver and jab her had straight through his chest! Sheri: Quickly you fools stab him! Donovan: Your in the way! Sheri: JUST DO WHAT I SAY!!!
With that Isis and Donovan quickly but surely stabbed Oliver! Donovan's sword also hit Sheri.  
Donovan: Sh*t!!! Sheri: This will not kill me you fool! You hear me Oliver, this will not kill me but you are dead! Sheri's wound healed instantly as she stared at Oliver's body, she heard a scream come from upstairs! Donovan: What the hell was that?! Sheri: Quickly, get upstairs! As the three of them get upstairs, they are greeted with a horrifying site!
 Sheri: Kalson! So you finally got here! Kalson: Shhh....You'll wake the children. Isis: Is she dead? 
Kalson: Almost. She is fighting it though, a mother's will can't be conquered so easily, can it Stella. Kalson slowly placed Stella down next to the Koi pond. Kalson: She almost got to her daughters. It would've been very unfortunate if she had them with her when I came. Stella was very pale, her eyes had become very distant and had lost all the gleam they once had. Stella: sHeri....DoN't hurt mY baBies! Sheri: Dear Stella, why in the world would I hurt MY babies?! 
Tears began to roll down Stella's face as she slowly slipped away. She uttered out....
 Stella: baBies....MamA LoVes....all of yOu so veRy mu.......
Silence grew over the group that stood over Stella's body. As they stood there, Death came into the room to collect yet again!
Death: Such a busy day, it has been! Shari: Just do your job and take her! Death: Silence young one! Tell the one that is truly in charge that he has my thanks! New souls are always a great gift for me! Sheri and Kalson look at each other and both say, "We will"! Death: Fair thee well my providers of fresh souls!
Sheri: Now then, that wasn't so hard! Kalson: The 1st part of our plan is complete, the Mansion is ours!
Sheri: Now all we need to do is convince your father and Uncle Don to join our cause. Kalson: If they don't? Sheri: Then they will die! You don't have a problem with that do you? Kalson: If my father Randell doesn't side with us, he'll be a great threat! He will have to die! However, I must be the one to do it! My brother has already agreed to join us. Sheri: Good, the more family that joins us, will mean the less we have to kill! Kalson: Why exactly did you spare Ron and the girls? Sheri: Ron is mine and the girls will make good and useful daughters in the long run!
As Kalson and the assassins left, Sheri surveyed the now empty house. 
Sheri: Soon Uncle Danny, very soon I will be one of the most powerful beings in the world! 
As she walks through the house the twins wake up. Sheri: I'm coming my babies, mama is coming!
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  1. Thank you! I am having a blast working on this story!!!

  2. This is amazing.You really have me hooked.