Monday, January 16, 2012

Chapter 8

The Hilton's: Forever is Overrated
Learning about his families ruination, put Danny into a frenzy of anger and sadness. As George and Dave attempted to lighten the mood, they could not, Danny was only thinking about revenge. With a serious tone, 
Danny: I want answers George....I'll want them all to pay....suffer even, so they can know my pain!
George: Gramps, its not that simple. There are so many obstacle's that stand in our way. One big one is that there are many of them and few of us, it would be a one sided battle. We being the ones to suffer a quick death!
As George and Danny talked, they didn't even notice the knock coming from the front door. Dave answered the door and casually came back to the living room. 
Dave: All this talk about revenge and death is such a downer, this kind of talk will scare away our guests!
As soon as he said that Danny and George quickly turned around to see a couple standing behind them. At first Danny was shocked to see more vampire's but soon realized that it was Bella, Don's granddaughter, and her husband Simon.
Bella: Well Danny....Aren't you going to give me hug, its been years since we've last seen each other!
Simon: Hi Danny! Long time no see! 
Danny quickly jumped out of his seat and hugged the last of his bother Fox's heirs!
Danny: YOU'RE ALIVE!!! I thought they killed you with your grandfather and father! 
Bella: I'm alive....well sort of! 
Simon: The woman they claimed to be Bella was actually a maid. Poor woman, it was her first day on the job!
Danny: I'm soo glad you two are alive! You two are still vampire's, I thought you two decided to take the cure after you got married to start a family?
Bella: things are now we both thought it be best to wait, especially until we got my families house back and get justice for my father and grandfather!
Bella: That's one of the reason's we came here Danny. We are planning on gaining my families home and exterminating the roaches that took it from my father!
Danny: Who is living there now?
Bella grew silent.
Danny: Bella, who is living there now?
Simon: Kalson and two other vampire's, one directly involved in Bella's fathers death!
George: The Vampire that killed Frank is living in his house, that's sick!
Danny: When?!
Bella: At dawn. These Vamps are in charge of the Hilton fundraising committee. Of your companies. 
Danny: They have control of my businesses! How?! 
Bella: From what I can assume, Randell gave his shares to Sheri and forcibly took my grandfathers shares by killing him and his benefactor's and heirs. With your sons gone, control fell onto Randell and Don. So Sheri took control as soon as possible.
Simon: Tonight Kalson and his followers are hosting a benefit and will be more than likely be out all night, so attacking them in the morning will benefit us, since it would be their weakest moment!
George: So the fight would be more than an equal match between us!
Dave: Whoa dad! You don't think your going do ya!
George: Of course I am! I'm not letting all of you go to have all the fun! Besides it will give us an advantage five against their three! 
Danny: So its decided we attack at dawn! Let's get prepared for a long fight ahead of us!
As the group gathered weapons and prepared for a fight that might lead to anyone's death. Father and son, wife and husband spent their free time together. Danny slowly slipped out of the house and headed to the "Hilton Fundraiser".
Later that early morning the group gathered in front of Bella's stolen home.....
Bella: What the hell where you thinking going to the fundraiser! You more than likely got Kalson to notice you!
Danny: I went to go and see how much Kalson grew the last time I've seen him! I knew his vampire powers where growing but to this extent....its amazing!
Bella: What are you babbling about Danny! 
Danny: I I know that Kalson would have sensed us the moment we got a 100 yards of this place.
Sure enough as the group stood there, Kalson and his crew where waiting patiently, looking at them from the window!
Isis: How rude of them to come over so early in the morning!
Kalson: I thought you killed Bella?
Isis: I did kill her....damn that's her isn't it?! Well at least I can correct my error now!
Danny: They know we're here. Dave did you bring my extra clothes with you?
Dave: Sure did Dan!
Bella: There she is! 
Danny: Who?!
Bella: The bitch that killed my dad!!!
Danny: How do you know it was her?
Simon: That crazy one, has been letting everyone know in town that she was the person to kill one of the town's oldest vampire's! And took his house as her own!
Bella: Listen to me everyone! I will be the one to kill her, no one stay out of my way!
Danny: Simon and I will take on Kalson, while George and Dave take on the other vampire.
Dave: Well, lets go! The sun is coming up and I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to be out here when its all the way out!
George: Just remember what we all agreed on before we came out here....
George: Not to stop until its all matter what happens to any of us!
Isis: Look at them! Their having a moment out there, should we interrupt? 
Kalson: Let them say their goodbye's!
Danny's group as prepared as they could be enter the house and they were greeted by Kalson and his goons!
Kalson: Ahh, Danny, Bella, and.....I don't think I know you? 
Bella: It's Simon you bastard! You would know if you weren't so busy stealing spouses and killing family members!
Kalson: I only stole one spouse, Danny's Victoria! Oliver's mother!
Bella: How can I forget! You shamed your family and took a wife and mother away from a loving family!
 Kalson: Your one to talk! Being of high society vampire's and you marry a stable boy! Now I remember you Simon! You weren't even worthy enough to be considered a snack, more of a stain on my boot!
Simon: Well this stain is going to make a stain out of you soon enough!
Kalson: Such big words! Haha! George you're looking....way old!
Kalson: Dave! Is that you?! I thought you would have had the smarts to leave town, guess the brains didn't run in your branch of the family tree!
Dave: Screw you Kalson! You and your arrogance have lead you to nothing but misery for you and all the people that you ever surrounded yourself with!
Kalson: Hmmp....actually I'm glad the two of you came together.
Kalson: At least you two will die together! 
Danny slowly stepped forward and stared directly at Kalson, which sent a chill of hatred down Kalson's spine!
Danny: Why? Why did you do it?!
Kalson stood there coldly and looked at all that stood before him with such disdain and hatred! 
Danny: KALSON! WHY?!!!
Kalson began to laugh and shake his head in disbelief, as to suggest that Danny already knew why!
Danny: What! Your father, Randell made you a vampire!
Kalson: Yet you made him, which then lead him to make me!
Danny: I made a cure a long time ago, why not take it!
Kalson: Cure! More like death sentence! I've lived too long to even remember what it was like to be human! I have traveled the world several times, been in numerous relationships, and even became a father! The one important thing I've learned from all how easy it is to go completely insane! Watching loved ones age in a blink of an eye and then they're gone! Having moments where you are completely alone for years....for family has moved on or is broken due to a curse YOU PUT ON US!!!
Danny: You have kids! 
Isis: He doesn't even know! How hilarious! Kalson didn't even know either until just a few weeks ago!!! Hehe, one of his son's came knocking and surprising the proud papa!!!
Kalson: I have twins but one came seeking me and the immortal gift! Since I wasn't there for him, I couldn't deny my son this one request! Let me introduce you to Sam! The one your dimwits are pointing their useless guns at!
Danny looked at Sam and grew nervous and angry!
Isis: Yes! Kalson and your Ex had kids!
Bella: Kalson, you and Victoria!
Kalson: I'm just as shocked as you! I seduced Victoria away from her beloved son Oliver and her husband Danny so easily! All she wanted was to be immortal like her husband! But Danny was busy creating the cure and the potion for everlasting life to even notice her beauty aging away! Plus it was a fun way to torture Danny! I took Victoria far from here and when I was done with her, I left her! Unfortunately, she was pregnant!
Kalson: Look at the time! Its practically noon already! How time flies by....Danny I hope you spent time with your grandson George. 
As soon as Kalson said that, Sam quickly appeared in front of George! 
Sam: Sorry old man!
Sam punched a hole right into George! Catching Dave completely by surprise!
 Which sparked everyone to go into a frenzy of fighting!
 Dave: DAD!!!
George died almost instantly from the attack! Only allowing him to say his last words to Dave.
George: I LoVe yOu DAvE! gRacE i'm coming home......
 Kalson rushed attacked Danny, while Danny was looking at the scenario across the room!
 Simon: You bastards will pay for that!!!
 Kalson: You will all die here today!!!
 Bella: Stay still you BITCH!!!
Isis: Using a gun will not have any effect on me silly!!! 
Bella: A regular gun wouldn't but lets see if this one loaded with blessed wooden bullets will!
Bella: You will die for what you did to my dad!!!
 Isis: What makes you think that you can kill me? Especially, when your father couldn't?
Bella: My father was a good man! He couldn't cause pain to a woman, even though you barely count as one!
 As Dave held his father, Sam was coming in to kill him as well! Right before Sam could touch Dave, Simon came to the rescue!
 Dave: Dad! I'm sorry! I wasn't fast enough, YOU SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME! DAD PLEase come back!!!
 The fights continued throughout the house! Bella began to chase Isis upstairs, while Danny was getting a beating from Kalson!
Simon: DAVE! Snap out of it! Help DANNY!!!
But Dave was still in shock, holding his dead father!
 Once Bella caught up to Isis upstairs, Isis was just waiting!
 Isis: You know what's really funny Bella?! That old fart is practically laying in the same exact spot where I killed your daddy!
 As Isis lunged forward at Bella, swinging her sword wildly! Bella only had time to block the attacks with her rifle!
 Isis: Face it Bella, I'm a better fighter....and way more gorgeous than you! Haha!!!
Bella: You poor creature! You have no idea of how powerful I am!
Isis: What do you mean?!
Bella: With age comes quicker movements and more strength, I'm pretty sure that I have a couple more years of being a vampire than you!
 With that said Bella quickly dodged Isis attacks and jabbed her fist into Isis, getting a hold of Isis's heart!
 Isis: can't, I want to live forever! I don't want to die, NOT YET!
 Bella: This is for my dad!
 Bella rips out Isis's heart and crushes it in her hands!
 Bella: Besides "Forever is highly Overrated".
Isis slowly limped backwards and fell to the ground and let out a scream that seemed to last a lifetime! 
 Then it turned quiet......Isis was no more, Bella's father was avenged!
 The fight continued for hours, Danny was able to get back on his feet and take swings at a very quick and agile Kalson!
 No matter what Danny did, he could not touch Kalson, and Kalson knew this and enjoyed playing with Danny!
 Bella came running as fast as she could to help Danny!
 While Simon continued to pummel Sam! Dave slowly got up from holding his dead father.
 Dave: You killed my dad.
 When Bella got to Danny, it was quickly apparent that she was not going to be much help to Danny! Before she could shoot her gun, Kalson quickly maneuvered himself and sending Danny flying.
 Bella hesitated to pull the trigger, in fear that she might hit Danny! Kalson quickly kicked Bella into the air! Simon quickly leaped in to catch his wife!
 Danny: Dave! Don't let him kill you!!!
 Sam: Yeah Dave! Don't let me kill you! Haha!!!
 Dave: You killed my dad. Now I'm going to kill you!
Dave slowly raised his gun and pointed it at Sam.
 Sam: Ha! What are you going to do? Shoot me?! I'll just heal from a gunshot!!!
 Dave: Not from this gunshot. My blessed wooden bullets where really meant to slow you down but since I'm so close I can't miss.
Sam: Miss....what do you mean!
Dave: I can't miss your damn heart!!!
Dave pulls the trigger, blasting Sam right in the heart!
As Sam fell to the ground he let out a scream you would normally hear from a child or in this case a son who wanted to be with his dad!
Sam: DAD!!!
Kalson stopped fighting and slowly walked to his son! Danny and the others expected not much of a reaction from Kalson. But to all their surprise Kalson collapsed and began to cry!
 As Kalson cried the others just stood there in shock and in sadness for the loss of George!
 Danny: I'm sorry too, Kalson. For now you know my pain, something I wouldn't wish onto anyone.
 The day was over and the moon began to rise over the home of so much love, sadness, and death!
Until Next Time!

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