Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chapter 16

The Hilton's: Broken Memories
A few days after Javier and Megan were married, the group moved to their new base located at one of Corri's homes. Where the group also had the chance to meet a new ally, the Reaper in human form!
Sean: So what are we suppose to call you? Reaper, Man in black, or Reap?
Reaper: You may call me by this man's real name....River.
Lilly: Well, nice to meet you River.
Javier: Danny....Are you sure that Megan is going to be safe at George's old place?
Danny: She'll be fine for now! My mother has put a protective spell around the place, that will give any indication that if danger was coming her way she would have enough time to escape to an already prepared hiding space. Besides the time has come....We are going to invade Zeus's home and put an end to all this madness! Once Victoria and the others get here, we'll plan out our tactics and get our futures back!
Javier: You make it sound so simple Danny! You do realize that not all of us are going to make it out of this!
River: Very true Javier! Zeus and his brothers are "some" of the most powerful beings and won't be taken down without a fight! Isn't that right Athena?
Athena gave River a suspicious look and simply nodded to River's statement.
Athena: I believe that taking my brothers on one at a time would be our wisest choice of action. Once Victoria's group arrives, we will split into groups. Each group will focus thier strengths on their specified targets. Once their target goes down, the surviving group members will then aid another group with their target.
Lilly: "Surviving group members," That part is getting to me a little. I know this is going to be a fight for our lives but I really hope that we all come back together.
Sean and Richard sat silently and listened to Lillies hopes of everyone coming back safely.
Sean: Let's be real...not all of us are going to make it, so no matter what happens we can't stop until this is over, no matter who falls during the process!
Richard: We owe it to my family, Bella's, George's, and all the other families that have fallen! And most importantly to ourselves!
As Danny's group waited for Victoria and the others, they would have to wait a little longer! Because at that very moment Victoria's group was already at Zeus's place and gearing up for their final fight!
The group gathered outside, meeting with their inside connection, Echo!
Echo had infiltrated Zeus's estate by becoming his personal science guru.
Echo: Are you sure you guys want to do this without Danny and the others?
Victoria: If you're sure that Hades is the only one here, then yes, we are doing this!
Echo: As I told you over the phone, Zeus, Poseidon, Sheri, and the others are all out. Hades is all alone for the moment. With the exception of Ron who is downstairs undergoing his transformation in becoming a vampire.
Then a guilty look took over Echo's face.
Victoria: Is there something else you want to say?
Echo: Well, Zeus made me....make clones of someone in the Hilton family and already took them to kill the others at the undergound compound!
Victoria: Who was cloned?!
Echo: Zeus never allowed me to see them directly, but only allowed me to perform certain operations under his guidence!
Corri: Explains why Zeus has been so quiet lately. We shouldn't worry right now, Danny and the others will not be there. They moved into one of my other homes.
Victoria: Okay, lets do this! Corri you will get Ron out of here, Echo show her the way and then go back to wherever you need to be at, so Zeus doesn't suspect you! The others and I will go in and kill Hades! Everyone agree?!
Landon: Sounds good to me!
Corri: Once I get Ron out, I'll come back and help surprise attack the other bastard's as they trinkle in! And also get Melody and Felicity out as well!
Harley: This is it! Time for payback! Sheri and Zeus are going to die!
Harper: I'm fine with whatever you want to do mother! By the way Echo, thanks for the heads up about that suite Megan was wearing, I was able to save her, she's doing well from what I heard from Danny.
Echo: Thank God! I'm glad you were able to save a least one of those poor individuals!
Victoria: Now that we are all prepared, let's end this nightmare!
Echo: Please be careful you guys! Don't underestimate Hades! He isn't as strong as his brothers but he is still very strong! His one flaw or weakness would be his big ego!
Echo then took Corri downstairs to retrieve Ron. Once inside Echo quickly pointed to Ron's room and went back down to her lab.
Corri stood in front of Ron's door and was just about to open it when she heard Ron scream! She quickly entered the room to see Ron on the floor!
Corri slowly approached Ron and was about to reach out to him.
Corri: Ron! It's me, Corri! I've come to get you out of here! To take you to your grandfather Danny!
Ron slowly lifted himself up.
Ron: My grandfather left us....he left and everything went to hell! My mother, father....oh god my brothers! I remember everything....EVERYTHING!!!
Corri: Ron...I know you've been through a lot but we got to get you out of here and to safety. We can help you!
Ron: Help me? I don't want help....I want REVENGE! My memories are scattered and slowly coming back! But I now know that I can end this....all of it!
Corri stood there confused and bothered by Ron's behavior!
Corri: Ron snap out of it! Your confused and when we get you somewhere safe we....
Ron slowly turned around and scared Corri, because he wasn't any normal vampire!
Corri: What the hell did they do to you?!!!
Ron: It's the magic that I've obtained through out the years, it's so much stronger now! I can hear it speak to me now! It's telling me that I will need your help after all!
Corri lifted her sword at Ron!
Corri: Just keep your distance Ron! I...I came here to help you!
Ron: I'm glad you did too! Corri your memories will help fill in some of the blanks in my memories! Sadly you will most likely die here tonight! As sad as that might be, since we're family and all! I apologize in advance!
Corri: Stay back Ron! I'm warning you!
Ron crept closer to Corri, finally she lifted her sword and swung it at Ron! Ron quickly dodged the attack and flipped right over Corri!
Ron moved so quickly that Corri couldn't keep up with Ron or keep track of his quick movements!
Ron quickly knocked Corri's sword from her hands and grabbed her by the neck!
Ron: With you, I will be steps closer at getting my revenge!
Corri struggled with Ron. Ron's grip grew tighter around her neck, almost to the point that it felt like he was crushing her bones!
Corri: plEAsE ron....don't hurt me.
Ron kinda of snapped out of his rage and threw Corri against the wall! Ron then proceeded to argue with himself!
Corri struggled to regain her footing but was severely dazed from the impact she had taken already!
With that said, Ron attacked Corri!
From behind the doors Corri screamed in pain, until it fell silent!
Moments later Ron crouched over Corri's lifeless body! Ron then picked up her sword and looked at it for moment and then at Corri for a moment!
Corri was dead and Ron slowly picked himself up and headed for the door!
Ron: Thank you Corri! I remember everything and know so much more because of you....and I'm truly free to do what I want for the first time in a long time!
Ron: All will suffer the pain that I've suffered! They will all meet their untimely deaths just like my families! Every single one of them will suffer!!!
Until Next Time!!!