Sunday, July 17, 2011


The Hilton Family
This has been my longest running Sim Family! I started out with a couple, which had five kids, 4 boys and 1 girl. All of them grew up and the parents grew old and died. Unfortunately, the youngest child Danny met a Vampire and was turned into one! 
For many years Danny spoiled himself with many partners and indulged himself with many things! He has changed his look so many times that he almost forgot what he really looked like! Sadly, due to his selfish behavior he didn't realize that time, which felt like mere moments to him where years for his brothers and sister! All of which had started a family, Danny even started one and had a son with his first "love"! 
Years went by so quickly, before Danny knew it his son was grown up and moved away to start his own family! Danny was dumped by his 1st love because she didn't want to live forever and didn't want that for her only child, she eventually moved on and remarried and had another child! Danny's family grew with more nieces and nephews but he would lose all his siblings to old age! When his last brother died, Danny couldn't bare to lose anyone else! He was able to turn 2 nephews and 1 niece into Vampire's. 
He begged his son to become a Vampire but he refused, telling his dad that "Life is supposed to be a precious gift, something that you cherish and enjoy as much as possible. Because your supposed to live and die leaving your legacy to carry on and to fulfill their hopes and dreams!" Danny's first son had one daughter Mary, which he adored! When Danny's 1st son died, Danny's granddaughter came to him asking to be turned into a Vampire, Danny reluctantly agreed! Danny went on to have two more sons from different partners over the years. Mary went on to have her own daughter with another vampire.
When his second son Logan was born, Danny turned Logan into a Vampire once he became a young adult. Logan's mother did not want to become a Vampire. Once Logan's mother passed away, Logan fell into a deep depression and couldn't understand why his mother chose to wither away or why his father didn't just forcibly turn her. He would soon leave on bad terms with his dad and start his own family, he is now a grandfather! Years went by, Danny's nieces and nephews began to die except the ones that chose to become vampires. Danny's third son Oliver, came from a unstable relationship, one that ended with Oliver's mother running off with one of Danny's great-nephews Kalson.
 Leaving Danny to raise Oliver on his own, Oliver became a great surgeon and got married and has 4 boys. 
Danny had spent numerous years studying potions and ancient magics.
 He was able to discover a cure to turn Vampire's into humans but before he cured himself he developed numerous potions to reverse and even stop the aging process! These potions take years to create and require rare materials as well. He took the cure and drank the no aging potion and began his work to free his numerous relatives from the Vampire curse, he even made a no aging potion for his son Oliver. He is now working on a potion for Logan, who has now come back home after his long time partner had died. Unfortunately, it was to late for his granddaughter Mary who went mad after her husband died, she took her own life by running into the sunlight!
Danny has become very famous in his town, which he practically owns! Danny has given potions to Oliver's wife and brother-in-law to give them more time, even though knowing that it would cause jealousy among his other relatives!
 Nowadays, there are rumors that Danny has found a way to clone humans! But for now Danny is enjoying his ever growing family and helping other relatives along the way.
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