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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Chapter 26

The Hilton's: Starting Over
Once Zeus was sealed, Danny thought it was finally over! He then began looking for survivors. As Danny made his way through the rubble, he found Ron close to a drop off, that lead to a pit of fire!
Danny: RON!
Ron turned around and with tears in his eyes lifted his hand, as to suggest he was reaching out to his grandfather!
Danny: Ron, please step away from the ledge!
Ron: I'm sorry....I'm sorry for everything I've done!
Danny: Ron....I forgive you! Everyone will forgive you! So please step away from the ledge!
Ron looked at Danny and then tears began to roll down his face!
Ron: I-I can't....I've done terrible things! Things that I'll never be able to atone for!
Ron took a quick glance at the pit of fire and then back at Danny.
Ron: Sorry Grandpa.....
Ron then leaped off the ledge!
Danny: NOOO! RON!!!

Ron: Forgive me....Mother....Father!!!!
Ron plunged into the fire and died in the flames!

Danny stood at the edge of the pit and began to sob uncontrollably!
Danny: Why Ron?! Why did you do that?! I promised Richard....that I bring his brother and sister back!
As Danny wept, the flames seemed to burn out quickly! Then a voice echoed throughout the room!
Stella: Danny....Danny don't cry, you did everything you could.
Danny turned around and saw River standing next to Stella!
Danny: Stella!
 Stella: Hi Danny!
Danny stood in shock and confusion and then looked at River.
River: Consider it a gift! Stopping Zeus and all! I was going to allow your son Oliver to come but he argued that Stella needed to come to see her children!
Danny began to tear up some more as he gazed at Stella!
Danny: Forgive me! I let you and my son down! Your children, I failed them!
Stella: Not true Danny! You were able to save Felicity and Richard! As for the others....They are with me and Oliver! They are not mad or sad about the life they got to live!
Danny: What of Ron?!
Stella: He has been forgiven and is with us, he will be fine! Danny could you please bring me Felicity.
Danny quickly picked up Felicity and took her to Stella!
Stella: She is little girl!
Danny: This is my first time seeing her! She looks like her beautiful mother!
Stella then slowly reached out and touched Felicity.
Stella: My little angel, I'm going to give you a fresh start at a mortal life!
Felicity instantly turned human! Danny stood there in complete amazement!
Stella stared at her daughter for a moment and could only hope for better things for her surviving children! Then her gaze went to Danny.
Stella: Danny....I know that you feel guilty and alone but your not! You may live for many more years and even out live my children and even some of my grandchildren. But always remember that no matter what, when, or wherever you may end up....You will never be alone.....All of us are watching and wishing for only good things for you!
Stella then slowly glanced at River and nodded.
Stella: Well, it's time for me to go!
Danny: I swear to you and Oliver....That your children will have good lives!
Stella smiled and then slowly turned around and seemed to float away.
Stella: This is not goodbye.....because we will always be with you and love you!
Stella then disappeared, leaving Danny in mixed emotions of sadness and happiness!
As Danny stared at empty space, Victoria slowly came up from behind him. She looked at Danny and then smiled and took Felicity.
River: Well then! Wasn't that a show of emotions! I think it's my turn to finally say goodbye to you as well!
Danny: Thank you Reaper! For everything you've done for me!
River: Hmm....It was the least I could do, since I've collected so many old and powerful souls these last couple of days!
Danny: Reaper....will that body be alright once you leave it?
River: Yes. I have healed this body and as promised, he will live a full mortal life! What will you do with Zeus now?
Danny: I will hide his prison here and put up barriers to conceal him for all time!
River: Time has a way of changing things....but until we meet again Danny, this is goodbye!
The Reaper then left River's body causing River to collaspe to the floor. River then returned to his original form.
Danny: How are you? Do you remember anything?
River slowly lifted himself off the ground and looked at Danny.
River: I remember everything! I'm sorry for all your loss!
Danny looked at Victoria and Felicity and then back at River.
Danny: Let us leave this place and reunite with the rest of the family. They are expecting me to come back, lets not disappoint them!
Danny then slowly lead the others out of the destroyed Hilton Estate.
A few miles away.
Hermes: Father, Zeus is all that remains, sealed in his prison again....the others are dead!
Father: That is unfortunate.
Hermes: Do you want me to bring you Danny and the others?
Father: No. They deserve some peace for now. Just for now....besides Poseidon's family will do for now! However, I want you to remain there in Sunset Valley my son.
Hermes: What?! But I thought I.....
Father: This is not a request!
Hermes: Fine, I'll stay!
Father: Good.
Hermes then slowly ended his call and put his cell away.
Hermes: Well, I guess I'm stuck here! What to do, what to do?!
Years would pass....Danny was unable to find Poseidon's family and assumed they had skipped town. So time continued on.
Danny: I found letters from my mother, Athena. She had left me some journal's of her past lives and within these letters I learned a little about my sister! Her name is Artemis and she was out there, I know that I'll meet her some day!
As Danny stayed in town, waiting for his mother's and uncle's so called father to show, but he never did!
As the years went on so did Danny's family, they all began to live some what normal lives!
Lilly married her long time partner Marlana and adopted two boys Mathias and Hero! Lilly also took it upon herself to stay a vampire and train her children and any other Hilton child different forms of combat....just in case!
As for Javier and Megan, they welcomed their daughter Christel! 
 She was born half vampire and was told she would have a choice if she wanted to stay a vampire or drink the cure, she drank the cure!
Javier and Megan then welcomed twin boys Drew and Junior!
Javier went back to his cooking and soon opened his own resturant, Megan continued her successful music career! They couldn't be anymore happier!!!
 Danny: Things started to get better for Felicity! River and her started dating and soon they were married and had a baby boy named Chase!
 Danny: The happy couple would buy a home near the ocean, she would tell me, "that whenever she looked at the ocean....she could feel her sister in some way"!
 Danny: They are expecting another child....a daughter, they plan on naming her Gracie!
 Danny: As for Richard, he ended up marrying Echo! They were meant for eachother! Richard changed careers, he left medicine and went into the science career with Echo!
 Danny: They would welcome twins Light and Sky! However, the crazy duo had some fun in a time machine and ended up having two more children Ty and Maureen! They both came from the past and the future! Before you ask what Maureen knew of the Hilton's future, she couldn't say. In order for her to come to our time, she had to give up certain memories so that she wouldn't disturb the time flow!
 Danny: Richard and Echo always tell me, "That thier greatest creations, where thier children"! They're expecting another set of twin girls, to be named April and May!
 Danny: However, nothing was that easy....Once Zeus and his brothers were gone, I was responsible for cleaning and correcting all their wrong doings they inflicted to the town! I needed to regain the trust of the town and show all of them that I was nothing like Zeus! So I created a council of Town officials and a mix of my own family members!
The town slowly recovered and some trust was gained back to the Hilton family! The years would roll by quick, Danny finally had decided to look for his sister but there was one thing he had to do before he left!
 Danny and Victoria would say thier goodbyes to everyone and promised this time, that he would come back every birthday, every holiday, and whenever they just needed him home! Danny then gave Felicity the Immortal potion. He told Richard that he made two but that one had been taken! Richard didn't mind, he wanted to grow old with Echo! Danny and Victoria then stopped by the Hilton Cemetary.
 Danny: Hi mom....I'm about to go and find Artemis! I've stayed because I thought your "father" was going to make an appearance but he never did! Its been years....Don't worry, I will stay in constant contact with my family this time! I just wanted to come here and say....that I love you and miss you!
 Danny then strolled through the cemetary visiting all his children and grandchildren's graves. He then comforted Victoria, who also was saying her goodbyes to her sons as well!
Victoria: Danny....all my children....they're all gone!
Danny: No, they're here in our hearts and memories! They'll always be with us no matter where we go....
 As Danny and Victoria were about to leave, Danny took one more look at all the graves of all the people that he loved.
Danny: I promise that I'll always come back to visit, until the day that I leave this world....

As Danny and Victoria waited for their taxi to go to the airport, Victoria rested her head on Danny's shoulder.
Victoria: Danny...You know that I would follow you to the ends of the Earth, right?
Danny: I know you would Victoria! And I would do the same for you! Who knows what the future may hold for us!
Victoria: Let's hope for only good things!
Danny: Yes! Only for good things!
The End Or Is It!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chapter 25

The Hilton's:
Death Comes To Us All
Athena: BROTHER! Please stop this madness!
Zeus examined his new form and then quickly gazed upon Danny and the others!
Athena began to run to her brother in hopes of reaching him somehow! Without effort Zeus then lauched himself into the air!
As Zeus seemed to glide so smoothly his eyes met with Athena.
Athena: Please brother!
Once Zeus hit the ground a big explosion tore through the estate! 
The explosion felt like a huge bomb went off! It sent Danny, Athena, and River flying in different directions!
The explosion ripped through the building, collasping part of the ceiling!
Smoke filled the room, then the sound of cracking followed. The floor collasped underneath Danny and his group!
The group dropped to the second level of the estate and landed in what use be the livingroom!
Once they hit all three remained motionless as flames seemed to be everywhere! Zeus then proceeded to make his way down to the second level. He casually walked through the main hall observing all the changes and destruction Ron had done!
Zeus: My, my, haven't we been busy! You've destroyed years of work within hours! However, the dark and gloomy theme seems to fit your demeanor these days....Ron!
Zeus had come face to face with Ron. Both seemed to be at equal standing but that remained to be seen!
Zeus: I see you've been using others to hide behind...using your own sister as a sort of shield. I guess it doesn't matter since you've already killed one of your siblings, what's one more to perish in your pursuit of revenge!
Ron: You who have taken so much from others, even your own brother....criticising me is laughable! However, you are correct about one thing....what does one more matter?!
Ron gazed at his sister and nodded, controlling her next move!
Felicity's attention then fell onto Zeus! She began firing her gun, filled with blessed wooden bullets at Zeus!
Zeus: Ron call off your sister! I do not wish to fight a possessed doll!
Ron did nothing to stop Felicity. She continued to fire at Zeus!
The bullets had no effect, but make Zeus angry!
Zeus: Dear child, if you can hear me, I need you to stop or I'll be forced to hurt you!
Zeus' words fell onto deaf ears and Felicity continued her assualt. Finally, Zeus retaliated!
Zeus: I said to STOP!!!
Zeus then hit Felicity as she got closer!
Zeus' hit sent Felicity flying to the ground, she hit head first knocking her out instantly!
Ron slowly looked down at his unconscious sister and then looked back at Zeus. Ron slowly picked himself off the chair and gazed at Zeus.
Ron gripped his staff and slowly let out a breath of air.
Ron: I am ready to end this now Zeus!
The two immediatly began throwing attacks! Ron was able to strike Zeus first, stabbing him! Zeus quickly grabbed the staff and held onto Ron's weapon and looked straight into Ron's eyes!
Ron: You want my power?! I'm going to make you work for it! I will not be another weak being that you simply conquer! I will be the one to kill you and avenge my family and all those you and your damn brothers killed! 
Zeus: Don't forget Ron, you have killed your own as well!
Ron: Once I take your powers Zeus, I will be able to bring them all back!
Zeus: You take my powers! I'm afraid you've lost your mind child! I can't be killed by the likes of you!!!
Off in the distance Danny awoke to see Ron and Zeus fighting, he quickly looked around and saw Athena and River close by!
Ron and Zeus continued to take swings at each other, neither doing much damage to the other! Until Zeus finally landed a kick that pushed Ron back!
Ron: I will not let you have your way! I've done to much to let you make it all meaningless!
Zeus: That's your problem Ron! Don't you see no matter what you've done or will do, it can't stop me from taking what is rightfully mine!!!
Off in the distance Danny was able to get River up!
Danny: River! I need you to get Zeus' attention, while I get Ron!
Danny: We can't let Zeus take his power! If he does...we're all dead!!!
River: Agreed! What of your mother, she is still unconscious!
Danny: Leave her for now! She'll be okay! Let's end this now!!!
Quickly River jumped behind Zeus, catching his attention! While Danny tackled Ron and seperated him from Zeus!
Zeus: You damn fool! How dare you interrupt my destiny!
River: Your destiny is to go straight to hell as another one of my prizes!!!
Ron: Grandpa! I have to kill Zeus and take his powe.....
Danny: No Ron! He is much to powerful for you! He'll kill you and then kill everyone else!
While the others fought, Poseidon finally came to his sister.
Poseidon quickly tended to Athena. Lifted her head up and finally waking Athena up.
Poseidon: Sister....forgive me! I've been a fool for far to long!
Tears began to roll down Poseidon's face as he looked down to his sister.
Athena gently wiped away Poseidon's tears and caressed his face. She slowly gazed at her brother and she began to cry as well.
Athena: I forgave you and the others the day I locked all of you away!
Athena: Can you forgive me for what I did to you?
Poseidon: Sister you did the right thing by locking us away! Since being free, I've wanted to leave all of this behind....start over! I even met someone....I have fathered children with her and kept it a secret from Zeus! They're my life and I only came back here to say goodbye to Hades and Zeus! But being so impatient....I believed in lies and in Zeus and caused more pain to innocent people!
Athena: Brother....I'm sorry!
Poseidon: Me too! I know what we have to do....but I'm afraid!
Athena: So am I brother!
Danny finally got Ron to settle down and began to block Ron's attempts to getting to Zeus!
Danny: Ron this madness needs to end! Your losing your mind and your humanity!
Ron: I lost my humanity the day my family was broken! I lost it when I learned the truth of what truly happened to them so many years ago and I lost my sanity when I started killing the people I loved! But through it all I know that I can undo all of it when I gain more power!
Danny: Ron, you can't bring back what was lost! I now know that it would be unfair for them ,to bring them back from the peace they know now!
Ron: Peace?! How can they know peace, when they all died before their time?!! How very foolish of you Grandfather!
While Danny and Ron talked, River was in a very intense fight against Zeus!
River threw everything at Zeus! They both exchanged hit after hit! But Zeus did not falter once and River was growing tired, something the Reaper did not count on when taking human form!
Zeus quickly countered one of River's attacks and stabbed him in the gut!
Zeus: Foolish Reaper! You forget that you're in a human body! How does it feel, the pain of your mortal body is going through?!
River dropped to his knees in pain and couldn't believe that this was happening!
Zeus looked down at River, as he moaned in pain!
Zeus: As a Reaper, you contain so much power! Once I take Ron's and Danny's power, I'll be back for yours as well!
Zeus then kicked River so hard that River flew against a wall, instantly knocking him out!
As Zeus began to walk toward Danny and Ron, he was yelled at from behind!
Athena: Brother! You are not done yet!!!
Poseidon: Come finish what you started Zeus!
Zeus: So my own siblings will fight against me! Don't you two see that without one of us being as strong as father, we will not stand a chance against him!
Poseidon: If you only told us...Hades and I would've fought with you!
Athena: I would've fought against him too!
Zeus: He would've killed all of us! Once I gain Ron's and Danny's powers, I will be able to ressurrect my army! I can even bring Hades back! We can go back to the way things use to be! 
Athena: We can't brother! Our time has come and gone....
Poseidon: It's time for the next generation of beings to live in this time!
Zeus grew silent as he gazed at his brother and sister.
Zeus: You two may be tired of living, but I am not! I will continue on....I will be FOREVER!!!
As Zeus and the others argued, Danny was trying to reason with Ron.
Danny's gaze drifted away from Ron, as he searched for the words to say to Ron.
Danny: I'm sorry for what happened Ron....believe me when I say that I would have gladly taken all of their places. To spare you and your siblings this horrible pain!
Ron grew angry at Danny as he spoke.
Tears rolled down Ron's face as he screamed at Danny! Ron quickly wiped his tears away and gave Danny an angry look!
Ron: However, you can do something for me now Grandfather! You can DIE AND GIVE ME THAT POWER THAT YOU HOLD!!!
Ron then quickly waved his hand, within an instant Danny was ingulfed in a wave of electric pain! Ron watched as his Grandfather screamed in pain!
Ron: This is retribution....for abandoning your family in their time of need!
Danny couldn't believe how far Ron would be willing to go!
Danny: PLEASE RON! You have to stop this now!
Ron: I'll never stop! Even if I wanted to....I can never stop, my mind and my very soul will never stop trying to avenge my family!
Danny then rose from the spell that Ron had casted on him, showing what Athena's powers had done to him!
Danny: I'm sorry Ron! If your unwilling to stop, then I will stop you!
Danny: I will be the one to take all of your rage and avenge your family! But the only way to do that is to take that power away from you!
Danny then charged Ron! Catching Ron off guard, Danny quickly punched a whole into Ron! Ron screamed in pain as Danny sunk his hand further into him!
Ron: So this is how it ends for me?! Killed by my own Grandfather....unable to avenge my family!
Danny: I'm not killing you Ron.....I'm saving you!
Once Zeus saw what was happening to Ron, he quickly tried to get to him! Athena and Poseidon then grabbed Zeus and held him back with all their strength!
Poseidon: Don't let go sister!!!
Athena: This ends now Zeus!!!
Zeus struggled to get free from his brother and sister!
Zeus: NO! Let me go! Ron's power is suppose to be mine!!! This is not how its suppose to be!!! Danny STOP!!!
Danny continued to drain Ron from all of Hades powers! Ron continued to scream in pain! Slowly Ron started to turn back into his mortal form!
Ron collasped to his knees as he gazed at his hands, he then realized that he was human once again!
Ron: NO!!! This can't happen! No, no, no! Please Grandfather...give it back! I need it....I need it!
Danny: No Ron....You've done enough, now it's my turn!
Ron slowly crumpled to the floor and began to sob uncontrollably!
Danny's attention then went to Zeus and the others!
Danny: Now its time to truly put an end to this saga!!!
As Danny began to walk towards Zeus, Athena yelled at Danny!
Athena: STOP! Don't come any closer son!
Danny stopped in his tracks and looked at his mother very confused! Was she still protecting her brother?!
Danny: What are you doing?! Mother, let me end all of this!
 Athena: Forgive me Danny! This is the end of my journey...the end of our journey!
Athena quickly looked at Posiedon and then at Zeus!
Danny: What?!
Posiedon then looked at Danny without losing his grip on Zeus, who was now trying to get to Danny like a crazed animal!
 Poseidon: Danny! I'm sorry for what I've done to you and your family! This is my one and only request....find a woman named Kendra Stranton! She is my love and the mother to my children! Please tell her what has happened here....and please protect my children!

Athena finally looked at Danny, she fought to hold back tears as she looked straight into his eyes!
Athena: Danny....Paris.
Danny: Paris?!
Athena then smiled at Danny.
Athena: That is the last place....where I knew of your sister's whereabouts!
Danny quickly realized what his mother was about to do now!
Danny: Mom! You can't!!!
Athena: I love you soo much! This is my choice and I now know that this is the right choice!
Quickly Athena looked at Posiedon and then nodded and then looked at her brother Zeus and wrapped her arms around him!
As Danny tried to run to his mother, a bright light blinded him! Then Danny was pushed back by a huge explosion!
Danny flew back, realizing that his mother and Poseidon had sacrificed themselves to stop Zeus! As the smoke began to clear, Danny heard a familiar laugh in the distance!
Zeus: Haha....those fools! Trying to kill me...ME AN IMMORTAL, A GOD!!! ALL THEY DID WAS DELAY THE INEVITABLE!
Danny slowly lifted himself up from the ground. Tears started to build up in his eyes! His mother had died in vain....or did she?!
As Zeus laughed in triumph. Thinking that his siblings attempt to kill him was a failure, Danny realized that Zeus used most of his energy to save himself from the blast!
Zeus: Nothing can stop me! Nothing can prevent me from taking over this pathetic little world!!!
Danny: Your wrong! My mother and Poseidon have given me a great gift an opportunity to end this chaos!
Danny then began to chant a spell that was very familiar to Zeus!
Zeus: No!!!
Danny: My mother and Poseidon made you weak enough to lock you back up!
As Danny completed chanting the spell a sarcophagus appeared directly behind Zeus!
Quickly the spell started to take effect as the coffin prison began to absorb Zeus back into it!
As Zeus slowly sank back, he never let Danny out of his sight!
Finally, Zeus was locked away again and then Danny, exhausted  finally transformed into his normal state!
Danny: Mother....I did it! Thank you!
Until Next Time!!!