Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chapter 7

The Hilton's: What Remains.....
Years have come and gone, for those living in Sunset Valley but for one individual, his hometown looks very familiar since being gone for so long. Danny has finally come home! While Danny has been gone, Zeus and his brothers quickly began taking over the town killing and turning many of the citizens into vampire's! Sheri during this time has come to accept the fact that she has been lied to about her husbands resurrection. However, her realization came to late, Ron was now Zeus's pet project and Sheri's "daughters" where now grown women! Raised by Sheri, who was told to teach them potions and how to create new ways to extend life! 
 The girls grew to be very intelligent and to the dismay of Sheri, both resembled their true mother and father!
 Sheri protected and guided the girls.....even began to truly love the girls as her own!
 Unfortunately, Sheri could not prevent the girls from falling in love with Zeus or his guardsman Donovan. Nor could she prevent Zeus's influence to manipulate and distort the girls perception of the world.
The girls grew up with everything their hearts desired, which caused the girls to desire internal youth!
Once the girls turned to young adults they where turned into creatures of the night! Sheri took it upon herself to turn the girls and taught them the pros and cons of their new lives!
Sheri: My dear daughters, your lives have forever changed.....your bodies will always remain the same but your minds will continue to age! So keep in mind that everything you do from now on will remain with you forever! Believe me, you'll never forget the happy times.....nor the sad times.
For the remaining Hilton family members, Zeus kept his word all those years ago, if any Hilton heir didn't join Zeus they where told to flee town or die! Many disappeared others stood their grounds and simply vanished!
However, a Hilton has come back unknowing of what has become of his once growing family.
Danny: I'm finally home! My return has been long overdue. I hope Oliver, Logan, Stella, and the kids will forgive me! I wonder how many great grand children I have? I wonder if Oliver and Stella had anymore kids? Or if Logan finally, found a new love? Why am I standing here for when I can start visiting family now!
Wandering down familiar streets Danny came upon Logan's first home. Which he gave to his son as a wedding gift so many years ago. 
Danny: I wonder....does Logan's son George still live here? No harm to check, if anything I can just pretend to be lost, asking for directions, if it turns out that George doesn't live here anymore!
 Danny: Here goes nothing!
Danny rang the bell and an older gentleman answered the door and greeted Danny.
 Old Man: can't be....Danny! Come in, come in!
 Once inside Danny was growing anxious, who was this old man?
Old Man: You don't know who I am, do you?
Danny: Sorry.
Old Man: It's me, Grandpa! George, Logan's son!
Danny: Georgie! Your so....
George: OLD! HA! You should talk Gramps!
Danny: Georgie, where's Grace and your boy Dave?
George: My Grace has past away just a couple months ago. My boy is a man now and is at work.
Danny: I'm sorry!
George: Don't be Gramps! Anyways, its pretty late! You look exhausted from your trip! Which, you will go into detail first thing in the morning!
 George: Sorry about the decor! My Grace, she had an addiction for animal prints! 
Danny: It's fine. I'm really glad to see you, can't wait to see the rest of the family too!
George's face went from happy to almost sad when Danny said that. Which, gave Danny an indication of bad news.
Danny: Something wrong?
George: No....we have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow, get some rest Gramps! Its really good to see you Danny....Good night.
Danny was so happy to see family that he dismissed the look on George's face and quickly went to bed, hoping that morning would come faster!
The Next Morning....
Danny: Whoa! Better spruce myself up before seeing anyone else! 
Danny: Much better! 
Danny was then greeted by George and his son Dave.
George: Good morning Gramps! Please come sit with us!
 Danny: Good morning! Dave it's so good to finally see you....
Dave: What's wrong Dan?
Danny: Your a vampire! George, why is your son a vampire?!
 George: Gramps, sit down. My son made this choice a long time ago! 
Danny: Sorry Dave, it just took me by surprise!
 George: A lot has changed since you've been gone! But I can fully explain that to you when we get to the cemetery.
 Dave: Dad! Danny just got home, don't you think you should hold off on the cemetery visit until later?
Danny: It's fine Dave. I should go to pay my respects to your mother and to visit my 1st son Phillip who rests their as well!
George: Well then, let's be off then shall we?!
 Once at the cemetery, George walked straight to the family grave site.
George: Hi my dear Grace! Guess who came home finally!
Danny: Wow! There's so many more than the last time I came here!
George: Sorry Grace, but I need to cut our visit short! Danny lets go see Phillip.
As George and Danny navigated to Phillips grave, Danny began to see different family members who were still alive before he had left.
George: Seeing some familiar names on these tombstones are you?
Danny: Unfortunately, I am!
George: Sadly, Gramps it gets worse!
George slowly pointed at a tombstone next to Phillip's, which read Logan Hilton's name across it!
 Danny: What is this! NO...NO, it can't be! Logan was supposed to be alive still, my potion should have kept him alive!
 Danny: Why....Logan, your supposed to be alive!
George: Gramps....come here.
 Danny slowly followed George to another set of graves. George then slowly pointed at them.
George: I'm sorry Gramps....your sons are gone.
Danny: Oliver and Stella! NO! WHAT HAPPENED! 
Danny sobbed for his lost children and painfully George listened as Danny began to beg for forgiveness from his dead sons!
Danny: Logan...Oliver, forgive me for leaving you both! I'm sorry, I'm so very sorry! Georgie....why did this happen! boys, my boys! They're gone!!!
George quickly hugged Danny, letting Danny cry his heart out!
 George: I'm sorry Gramps, I'm so sorry but I have to tell you the truth! About everything I know up to this point! 
Later that day Danny and George finally get home. Danny collapses once he gets inside! 
Danny: I can't believe that Sheri and the others would do this! What happened to Oliver's boys and his daughter?!
 George: Richard is fine, he is in hiding. Haven't seen Ron for years, Henry and Ray are feared dead! And the girls Felicity and Melody have been raised as Sheri's daughters!
Danny: Hiding, missing, dead! Those poor boys! Stella had twin girls! What can I do? I can't allow these crimes against my family to go unpunished! Why are you and Dave still alive?
George: Because of Dave! Zeus was going to kill us but Grace and I posed no real threat, so Zeus instead made Dave a vampire! Then told us that if we betrayed or fought against him, he would throw Dave into the sunlight and make us watch him burn!
Dave: So he knows now!, Great Grandfather! Its time to fight back!
Danny: What about your safety?
Dave: That doesn't matter now, the fact is that you came during the weakest moment of Zeus and his brothers rule in this town! For months they have been laying low for some reason!
George: Its time to take back our family Gramps!
Danny: Yes! But know this....Sheri and Kalson are mine to deal with! Both will pay for what they did!
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