Saturday, May 26, 2012

Chapter 14

The Hilton's: Ties That Bine
 Days after the the attacks, Danny and the others had time to mourn the fallen. Meanwhile, Megan was still unconscious and fully human once again. As Richard tried to assure Javier that she was physically fine. Many had to wonder was she going to be mentally fine as well.
 Richard: From what I can tell, she will make a full recovery. However, I would recommend that we keep an eye on her to be sure she hasn't suffered any mental trauma during her ordeal.
Danny: Years kept as a prisoner by Zeus.....
Javier: Megan is tough! I'm sure she will get through this!
 As they grew silent and stared at each other and at Megan, they all felt saddness for all the events that have happened and what still awaits them. Suddenly the silence was interrupted by Sean.
 Sean: Danny....There is someone here to see you. She said that you know her?!
Danny slowly turned to leave the room but stopped and looked at Megan.
Danny: Megan....its time to wake up and show us that your fine and healthy.
 Danny slowly left the bedroom and entered the living room, where a lady dressed in a bussiness suit waited for him.
Lady: Hello Danny....its been far to long! I think the last time I saw you was when my mother was still alive!
Danny didn't recognize the voice and could only wonder who this woman could be?!
Lady: Forget who I was already! Its me, Danny! Corrine.
 Danny: Little Corri!
Corrine laughed,
Corri: No one has called me that in years! Not since my sister died....
Danny: I'm sorry.
Corri: No apologies needed! She lived a good normal human life! I must admit that I was jealous of her and her ability to live such a productive life....well that's not why I came here! Come sit with me Danny.
 Corri: I heard of the tragic deaths of your grandsons and Bella and her husband Simon....all good people. I'm joining your little crusade to put a stop to Zeus's madness!
Danny: Why would you put your life at risk? You seem to be out of the loop of all this horror.
Corri: It may appear so....but my niece is not, my little Lillian! If she is fighting, then its my duty to fight along with her....she is my last living relative!
Corri: I want her to have a long life just like her mother....once this is over I want to her to be able to see this world and accomplish all her dreams!
Danny: I do too!
Corri: That is why I'm giving you my home to relocate since the enemy knows of this place. Its just not safe here anymore for any of you!
Danny: Your home! We wouldn't want to impose....
Corri: You won't be imposing at all! Besides I've been staying at my other home! You've actually been there.
Danny: I have?
Corri: Where you met your mother and where Victoria is staying at the moment!
Danny: Of course you two were close friends back in the day!
Corri: You make it sound like such a long time ago.....oh wait it was! Being immortal all these years you sometimes forget of how much time actually passes!
As Danny and Corri talked about the past the time came to say their goodbye's, before Corri left she had the chance to run into her niece Lillian!
Lilly: Aunt Corri!
Corri: Oh my dear Lilly!
Lilly: Aunt Corri its been such a long time since I've seen you! I missed you so much!
Corri: Oh honey! I'm sorry for not contacting you but I'm glad to see you in one piece! My, my you look like your mother every time I see you!
Lilly: I miss her and my dad and not seeing you for such a long time, I've never felt so alone!
Corri: Oh my little're never alone! When I look around here, you are surrounded by people who love and would die for you! I know things may seem hopeless now but after all this you and me will drink the cure together and live somewhat of a normal life!
Lilly: Yes! Somewhat normal! We wouldn't want life to get to boring!
Corri: I feel overjoyed knowing that your alive and with people that love you!
Lilly: Me too, Aunt Corri!
As the night went on Corri and Lilly said their goodbye's. As Corri left the compound she ran into Harley.
Corri: Well, well....if it isn't the grandson of the infamous Sheri! I've heard that you have been fighting against your own grandmother but thought it was just a rumor!
Harley: Well, when your own grandmother doesn't attend her own son's, my dads funeral, and starts killling other family members, I think I wouldn't call her family any more!
Corri: I also heard that you almost died in this last attack! You seem fine now don't you!
Corri: How would you like to visit Sheri in the next couple of days?!
Harley: What?! When?!
Corri: Victoria, myself, and a few others plan on invading their nest soon!
Harley: I thought everyone was going to attack them with Danny?!
Corri: Why risk more lives and a bigger crowd, no we aim to do this without Danny's knowledge! Are you in or not?!
Harley: I'm......I'm IN!
With that Harley left Danny's group without saying a word and left with Corri.
The following morning, the group got some great news! Megan had finally recovered and is doing great! Once Javier knew Megan was awake he rushed to be with her!
Javier: Hey beautiful! Long time no see!
Megan slowly turned around in a happy surprise!
Megan: Javier!
Megan: I knew I see you again! I just knew it!
Javier: Megan....I have to apolo.....
Megan: No apologies Javier......We both said some things that we regret the last time we saw each other! However, throughout these years, all I could really replay in my head was the day at the airport, when I decided not to go with you to Paris!
Javier: Megan.....the things I said then were the truth and I didn't say them in grief over the loss of my sister! I truly meant what I asked you then! I really wanted you to be my wife and to live the rest of my life with you and have lots of spoiled childr....
Megan: YES!
Javier: What?!
Megan: Yes!!! My answer that I regret not saying back YES! I want to marry you Javier....I love you!!!
Javier stood in the doorway for a moment in shock and then in shear happiness he quickly grabbed Megan and kissed her!
Javier: I love you too!!!
About two days later, as the group packed up some belongings to move to Corri's home, Athena came over with some strange news.
Danny: Mother, I wasn't expecting a visit from you today but I'm glad you came! Tell me how are the is Victoria?
Athena: They are all fine! Victoria is still mourning the loss of her other son but doing better!
Athena: Danny, the reason I came here was to give you and your group a gift! Something to help all of you have a better chance at fighting my brothers!
Danny: What is it?
Athena: I have a spell that can grant others with enhanced abilities....enabling them to move quicker, be stronger, and simply have a better chance against immortals such as my brothers!
Danny: That's amazing!
As Danny looked at his mother he noticed her hair was beginning to turn greyish white!
Danny: What are the risks of this spell mother and have you already performed it once?
Athena gave Danny a little smile as she realized that he was worried for her safety.
Athena: I have done this spell on Victoria's group already! There is small price for performing this spell on the user.....I will lose some of my spiritual essence, in other words my magic won't be as powerful as it use to be!
Danny: Mom, I can't ask you to risk your own life for me its jus....
Athena: Enough! Its my duty as your mother to ensure that my children live....even at the cost of my own life! Now lets inform the others of what must happen!
So Danny gathered the others to expain the situation and to introduce them to his mother!
Athena: It's a pleasure to meet all of you! My Danny has told me soo much about all of you and your families!
Athena: As Danny explained, I wish to give all of you the power to stand up to my brothers and have a chance to leave all of this behind and look forward to a better future!
Danny: So....what do you guys think? I understand if some of you don't want to continue....especially what has happened recently wih Bella and the others!
The group looked at Danny and at Athena for a few moments in silence, which made it seem like a much longer time!
Lilly: I'm in! I would love nothing more than to get the strength to kick your uncles asses! And after all this I'm getting another damn tatto to never forget who we've lost in this war!
Javier: I'm in! This war has taken my sister and some of my nephews already, I'm not letting it take anymore of my loved ones!
Sean: I'm in! Although my family died before all this....all of you are now my family! I won't let this war take any of you!
Richard: I know my brother Ray wouldn't hesitate in joining and my brother Henry wouldn't hesitate to let Ray go in without him! For them and for Ron and my sister's....I'm in!
Megan: I'm so in! I let those bastards control my life for years! I would love nothing more than to pull every strand of blonde hair from Sheri's head for what she did to my friends and soon to be family!
When Megan spoke, Athena's face changed, almost indicating bad news for Megan.
Athena: I'm sorry my dear, you can't be involved in this process!
Megan: WHAT! Why the hell not!!!
Athena: This spell is risky, especially for mortals! I know under different circumstances you would be fine but the way you are now it could affect the baby!
Megan: Baby....what baby!
Athena: The baby you carry my dear!
The room went silent for a moment.
Megan: I'm having a baby!!!
Athena: You sure are my dear!
Megan: Javier! We're having a baby!!! Javier.....
As Megan turned around and looked at Javier, she noticed he had completly turned more pail! Before she could say another word Javier fainted!
Megan: Javier!
As the others surrounded Javier, they all realized that he was fine!
Megan: Oh my god! I'm having a baby! Oh my god....I'm having a BABY!!!
Richard: After all we've been through....this is what knocks out Javier in a single blow!
Sean: So your preggers....didn't you guys just get back together like two days ago! You two don't waste any time do ya!
Megan: Shut up Sean!
Danny: Well, I guess we'll have to find a safe place to hide you until this war is over! But this is nothing short of a miracle, congrats to the both of you!
Megan: Thank you Danny!!!
Athena: Such a happy moment! It has been such a long time to give such wonderful news!!!
Lilly: Way to go Megan and Javier! I always knew you two would start popping out kids sooner or later!!!
Danny: Ok you guys, lets help our new daddy up and congratulate him as well!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Chapter 13

The Hilton's: Revenge Part Two
As Danny and his group arrived to Bella's house, there was something off about this visit. On the dinning room table sat two vampire cure bottles. Lillian slowly appoached them, almost as if the bottles would attack! Lillian slowly turned to Danny and Sean.
Lillian: What the hell! What does this mean? Did Bella and Simon cure themselves?!
Danny already knew that they were in trouble. Off in the living room sat a big and sad surprise awaiting them for their visit!
Lillian: What is it?!!!
Sean: It's Randall and Cordell! OH MY GOD DANNY.....SIMON!!!
As Lillian turned herself around and looked into the living room she saw a horrible scene!
On the living room couch sat Simon, slumped over the couch covered in blood! Obvious signs of the fight he put up for his life and for the life of his love, Bella! From what it looked like Simon was beaten to an inch of his life and sadly met his end with a snapped neck!
Behind the couch stood Randall, Bella, and Cordell. Bella was human now!
Danny: What the hell have you done Randall?!!!
As Randall stood there with his arm around his distant relative Bella, he began to wipe away her tears.
Bella: I'm sorry Danny....they forced me to drink the cure and when Simon came home, they forced him to drink it too or they would kill me!
More tears began to flow from Bella's eyes as she gazed across the room and then stared at her dead husbands body!
Randall: There is no need to cry my dear. Danny isn't she beautiful as a human? I mean she was a goddess as a vampire but now she is just a plain beauty now.
Cordell: and the people that helped kill my brother are all gonna die!
Randall: Cordell, that is no way to greet a relative that we haven't seen in years! look well. For a human that is.
Danny: Randall, whatever revenge you need to accomplish here needs to be with me. NOT with Bella!
Randall: Revenge. I do not seek revenge. No, no, what I seek is retribution! For the son that you took from me! I would have gladly killed one of your boys but wait they're all dead already!
Bella: Danny....I'm sorry!
Danny: Don't worry Bella we'll talk this out!
Bella: There is no point Danny.....I died the moment Simon died! My love, he was my soul mate....and now he's gone!
As Bella began to sob more Sean was becoming more impatient with the whole situation. Danny did his best to keep Sean and Lillian from attacking.
Danny: Randall, I didn't kill Kalson! He chose his own fate! He chose to die! Please Randall let Bella go, she is innocent in all of this!
Randall glared at Danny for a brief moment.
Randall: There is no point....the only reason she lives right now was because I wanted you to see her demise!
Randall quickly grabbed Bella by the neck and picked her up like a doll!
Cordell started to prepare to attack, standing in the path of any hope of a quick rescue!
Randall: I'm sorry my dear! You have out lived your purpose!
As Bella stuggled to get air, she wasn't putting up much of a fight!
Randall: You were telling the truth, you have given up! Let me reunite you with your beloved!
Bella: sIMoN.....DAnNY....i'M sorr.....
Before Bella could finish her sentence, Randall tightened his grip!
Randall gave a quick look at Danny and then without any effort twisted Bella's neck quickly killing her instantly! Randall then threw her body in front of Danny and the others!
For a moment there seemed to be a long pause of shock, Danny and the others couldn't believe what just happened!
Randall: Now you know MY PAIN DANNY!!!
Cordell: Its time for the rest of you to die now!!!
Danny slowly inched toward Bella.
Danny: no, no, no, no.....
Randall: I still need your head Danny! To finally have my redemption!!!
Sean and Lillian began to charge towards Randall and Cordell!
Sean: You BASTARDS will pay for that!!!!
As the others began to fight Danny collasped to the ground.
Danny: no, no, no, No, No.....
Danny: NOOO!!! WHY BELLA?!!!
Danny quickly grabbed Bella's lifeless body and held her tightly!
Danny: I'm sorry Bella! I'm so sorry! This isn't what was supposed to happen! You and Simon were going to have a good life after all this....have children and grow old together!
As the others fought, it was apparent that Randall and Cordell had more skills and were much more stonger than Sean and Lilly!
Randall and Cordell overpowered Lilly and Sean with ease! Knocking them both out and turning their attention to the already defeated Danny!
Randall and Cordell began to charge towards Danny!
Cordell: I'm going to enjoy tearing you apart Danny!!!
Just as all seemed lost, Danny uttered out a couple of words.
And just as they agreed the Reaper appeared to assist Danny! Pushing Randall and Cordell back!
Reaper: Thou shall not touch this broken man! I shall reap your unpure souls and rid this world of your impurties that have plagued it far to long!!!
Cordell was completely confused and fear grew on his face!
Cordell: FATHER!
Reaper: You Cordell Hilton....Your end is here!!!
With a simple wave of the Reapers hand Cordell burst into flames!
Randall collapsed in sadness to see his last son die before him!
Randall: NOOO!!! DAMN YOU!!!
Cordell's screams filled the room and finally Cordell collapsed and died! Randall picked himself up and looked at Danny with nothing but disgust!
Danny: Sorry Randall, but you give me no choice!
Randall: Choice! You who turned me into a vampire....a monster, now decides wether or not I live or die! ALL My life has been dictated by your actions Danny! I lived by your rules and then when you left, I went on to create a life of my own and that didn't live up to your expectations!!! You suddenly grow a conscience, that vamps are bad now! So you go out and force us to change yet again for you!
Danny: Your helping people that killed the majority of my family! Who killed others for power, money, and for their own selfish reasons!
Randall: Selfish.....oh Danny, you yet to realize that these events are based on your selfish behavior, you who ran off and became a vampire. Didn't realize that time escaped you until it was to late, your brothers and sister where all dead or dying! You who took it upon himself to persuade Don, Sheri, and me to join you in everlasting life! For what?! To fullfil your selfish need, to spare you the loneliness that comes from immortal life!
As Randall stared at Danny with so much hate, Sean woke up.
Danny: Sean, get Lilly and get out of here!
Sean: What about you?!
Danny: Go! I'll be fine.
Randall: Who is the real monster in this room Danny?! Me, for trying to find my own path, wether it be good or bad. Or you, who started all this chaos....who brought children into this world of unnatural chaos!!!
Randall: Know this Danny! When this is all over and you look back and remember all those who have fallen, fell becuase of you! Zeus is merely a result of you meddling with the natural order! Sheri would have never brought that monster here if you had left us all alone and let us live out our mortal lives!
Danny: I'm just trying to correct my wrong doings....I didn't want anyone to die!
Randall: How naive of you Danny! How could you not expect resistance....I'm done with you! Kill me now Danny, because if you don't I will stop at nothing to tear your head off and kill all those you love!
Before Danny could respond, the Reaper engulfed Randall in flames!
Danny: I'm sorry Randall....
Randall screamed in pain and finally died!
Reaper: This house has had many deaths in it, I must cleanse it or these souls will remain here, trapped, never to find peace.
The Reaper then engulfed the house into flames that quickly spread throughout the house!
Danny quickly dragged Bella and Simon close to eachother. Danny gazed at the dead couple, saddend to see the end of another family line!
Danny placed Bella's hand onto Simon's and stood there in silence as the house burned around him!
Danny: Forgive me you two! I hope that your souls find eachother! May you two finally know peace....
Sean stood outside holding Lilly. Sean could only watch the house burn and hoped Danny would come out soon.
As Lilly finally woke up, Danny came out and greeted the two of them!
Lilly: Bella?!
Danny: She's with her husband. Come, lets get back to the others and make sure they're ok.
The group slowly walked away from the burning home, which burned down completely.
Until Next Time!!!