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Chapter 19

The Hilton's: Confrontations
As the events took place at the Hilton Estate, Zeus, Sheri, and some mysterious individuals invade a familiar place, only to discover that Danny and the others had already fled!
Zeus: So this is where the mighty Hilton family has hidden for so many years! I always knew they were scared little rats!!! Come my children take a look at what I've reduced my enemies to!
Zeus: Look around and see if we can not find a clue on where are missing rodents fled to.....Sheri that means you too, find something useful!
The group spread through the underground home and Sheri relunctantly did her part as well!
As Sheri explored, she discovered something that was always out of her reach years ago!
Sheri: Impossible! After all these years of searching for Danny and his everlasting potion....all I really had to do is look in some smelly basement! Oh Danny you were able to make two! Like you promised to make so long ago for Stella's daughter and for who else I wonder! Maybe he made the other once he found out Stella had twins!
As Sheri looked at the potion, her face went from joy to sadness. Thinking of the past had caused her to relive so many bad and unforgivable choices!
Just then Sheri got a text from Felicity.
Sheri: Oh God! "Need U home immediatly!" Ron! I'm coming!
Sheri ran as fast as she could to get home!
Mysterious Man: Where the hell is she going so quickly!
Mysterious Woman: Who knows! Let's keep looking around this dump or father will get mad!
Zeus: Hmm....Seems little Ron is finally awaken! I wonder what trouble he's causing!
As Zeus thought to himself he sensed people approaching the compound!
Zeus: Children prepare yourselves, we're about to have some visitor's!
Zeus was correct, at that moment Danny and Athena just arrived at the compound, unaware of the danger lurking inside!
Athena: Why are we stopping here? You do know that our enemies know of this place!
Danny: During our quick exit, I forgot my potions! I need to get them before our enemies do!
Athena: I really wish you hadn't created those things! People aren't meant to live forever! As a immortal I've truly know the pain immortality causes!
Danny: Well, if my nieces refuse them, I will destroy them!
As the two made their way down into the compound they ran into a familiar face! Sheri stopped to shocked to say anything at first once seeing Danny after so many years!
Danny: SHERI!!!
Sheri: DAn....
Danny: You will PAY for all that you've done to my family!!!
Athena: So this is the famous Sheri! The woman that caused so much destruction!
Sheri: Danny....wait! Before you do or say anything else, I need to let you know that Zeus is here!
Both Athena and Danny stood speechless! Danny was not entirely sure why Sheri was giving them a heads up!
Athena: So after all this time....I'm going to see my brother!
Danny: Why are you telling us this?
Sheri: I've done some terrible and unforgivable things....and just when I think that I could put an end to some of backfires! Danny....I want you to end this madness! Once you're done here.....I'll be waiting at home for my punishment!
Danny looked at Sheri confused but still so very angry of what she's done!
Danny: Sher....
Sheri: Danny just for now....concentrate on Zeus and then....if there's a then for any of us. I'll be waiting for you to decide my fate!
With that said, Danny allowed Sheri to go for now.
Athena: Are you ready for this Danny?
Danny nodded in agreement. Letting Sheri to pass and make her exit!
The two made their way into the compound and just as Sheri said, Zeus was waiting!
Zeus: Dear sister, how I've missed you! Its been ages since....well since you locked me away! Tell me aren't you happy to see your brother!
Zeus looked at Athena and Danny for a brief moment before speaking again.
Zeus: Danny! My dear nephew! How nice to finally meet you! I've heard so much about you from Sheri and so many of your family members....especially the ones that have died by my hands!
Athena: Damn you Zeus! Why must you always cause hurt?! What reasons are there that brought you to the point that cost so many lives? What are you truly after?! I know wealth, fame, and all the servants never brought you true happiness! What are you really up to?!!!
Athena glared at her brother waiting for his response! But he stood there silent!
Athena: TELL ME!!!
Zeus: My children....I want my children!
Danny and Athena stood in absolute shock!
Athena: Your children are all dead! I was there when your last decendent met her fate!
Zeus: Dear sister....did you kill my children when I was locked away?
Athena stood in silence.
Athena: I only killed the ones that came after me and....and my loved ones! I left the others alone to live out their mortal lives!
Danny: My mother would never kill people unless there was not a reason! Besides, what my mother has told me is that many of your own children didn't even like you!
Zeus: Maybe so....but I had a few that loved and admired me, even a certain nephew wanted to follow in my footsteps. Isn't that right Athena!
Athena: Don't you dare say another word Zeus!
Zeus: Ah, so I've hit a nerve have I! Tell me Danny, did your mother ever tell you why she sealed me and my brothers away?
Danny: You three were monsters, that's reason enough!
Zeus: So she didn't, shame on you sister!
Zeus: She locked us away because of her son, Apollo! Did she ever tell you about him or how about her daughter?
Athena: ENOUGH! I can't stop you from talking about my son! But I Will NOT ALLOW YOU TO SPEAK ABOUT MY DAUGHTER!
Zeus: Fine! As you must already know, my brothers and I never had a child that was born with our immortality but we always knew that we could have a child that would grow to adulthood and then stop aging! The proof was our own sister's children!
Zeus: Her twins, grew and just when all of us thought that they would continue to age they never did! It became even more evident when Athena's daughter had an accident that would of killed any normal mortal, but she survived with out even a scratch on her! So me and my brothers tried over and over to have a child like our sister's! My dear sister grew fustrated with us and our attempts to create immortal offspring! So she would spend massive amounts of her time creating a sort of safe haven or coven of up and coming witches! Leaving her son to learn our way of things....he would prove to be a great warrior and greater ruler!
Zeus: However, it wasn't meant to be....he was killed! Not by mine or my brothers hands! But by his own mother!
Athena burst into tears and began to sob!
Athena: He left me no choice! He turned into a monster! My own brothers made my son a monster!
Danny: So that's how you found out that only family or people with our blood could kill you four?!
Athena covered her face as she nodded in agreement!
Athena: I saw all the signs of what was happening to my son but I ignored them....he was my baby! I finally saw the torture he caused people, when a child came to me covered in his own parents blood! When I asked the child what had happened and who was responsible for this awful act....he looked at me in extreme horror and begged me to make him stop! MAKE HIM STOP! My son killed people who did not worship him!
Athena: So I had to see it with my own eyes, because I couldn't believe my son would do such a thing! I went to his temple in disguise and was shown the truth, my son had killed many of his servants and many other villagers that have angered him and displayed their bodies all around for the people to see....he ruled them with absolute fear!
Athena continued to sob as she spoke, reliving the absolute horror her son caused! Danny continued to listen.
Athena: As Apollo was about to kill a woman, I screamed at him to STOP! We argued about our views on our immortality, he had been corrupted, lead to believe he was so much better than sickened me! When I told him that it was over, he grew angry and in his fit of rage he....he killed that woman! I grabbed his sword from him and in my fury I-I jabbed into his gut! He laughed, knowing he couldn't die but his laughter faded to screams of pain! His wound was not healing like it normally would! He died in my arms and that's when I knew that our family could kill eachother and that my brothers had to pay!
Zeus: And so we did! Sister the answer to your question.....I plan on resurrecting my children! And Ron is the key in doing so!
Danny: Ron!
Athena: Such magic is against nature, it can drive even the most experienced witch insane! Why in the world would you want your children....your own personal immortal army!
Zeus stared at his sister and seemed to want to tell her his reason but hesitated to!
Zeus: Enough of this banter! I have a surprise for my nephew! Four please come here!
Out from the other side of the room came a woman.
Four: Yes, Father!
Zeus: What do you think of her Danny?
Danny: What do you mean?
Athena: Oh God! Zeus what have you done?!
Zeus: How do you like your daughter, Danny?!
Danny stood in shock and confusion as he looked at the woman more he realized that she looked just like him!
Zeus: Yes! She is a clone of you but I made some improvements by adding some of my own DNA to the mix! She has your looks but has more strength!
Danny: used my cloning tech with my DNA!
Zeus: Well....I had to do something with my free time, so I took up a hobby of the Science's! I ran numerous experiments....cloning was my major one but mind control was also on my list and was successful, based on my experiments on your grandson's Ray and Henry!
Danny: You bastard!
Suddenly a voice came out from around the corner!
Five: Don't speak to my father that way!
Zeus: Ah, Five!
Athena: Zeus, how many of these abominations did you create?!
Zeus: Seven! But sadly the first three didn't survive....trial and error!
Athena: Your playing with real lives and now your playing God!
Zeus: Don't you see sister.....WE ARE GODS! Surrounded by mortals that beg to serve us....WE DESERVE THIS POWER! That's somthing you never embraced or understood....there could NEVER BE PEACE BETWEEN MORTALS AND US!!!
The room grew silent. That's when Six and Seven entered the room!
Six: What did we miss?!
Seven: Father, what are your orders?!
Zeus: My dear children! I want you to dispose of these two....and if you survive my are free to do as you want!
Zeus began to leave the room, as he left he looked at his sister with a smile.
Zeus: I hope to see you later Athena!
Athena: Don't worry will!
Zeus left the compound, leaving Danny and Athena to his pack of clones!
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  1. Haha! A clone army! Can't wait to see Danny and Athena get out of this one!

  2. Ha, Its going to get a bit more crazy here on out!!!