Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chapter 17

The Hilton's: Hades
Once Victoria's group entered the mansion, they felt a sense of evil aura emmenating from one of the halls. As they crept closer they could hear music playing and feel heat coming from the room they entered. As they entered they were not shocked to see Hades waiting for them.
Hades: Welcome! Please don't be frightened, come in, come in! You guys just missed an amazing party! I had lots of good looking women and men here not to long ago! They tasted great as, my, why do you guys look so serious?!
Hades looked upon the group almost like a curious child would, when seeing something new or interesting.
Hades: Relax people! Let's have some fun before we get all revengeful! Let me introduce myself first!
Hades: My name is Hades! Conquerer of nations, a man that has lived for centuries, has been in numerous battles, wars, and has survived all obstacles that stood between me and whatever or whomever I've desired! I have survived from being crucified, hung, buried, stabbed, shot, you name it I most likely experienced it! I WILL not fall to you four!!!
Hades stood with full confidence and dripped of self indulgence and self praise, that you could mop the floor forever from it!
Hades: I know who you sacks of waste are and I pity you all! You think you can come here....the four of you and think you guys could kill me! How dare you insult me! I've fought armies single handely and killed them all until they fled for their lives! I will not give you four that option! Whatever you think might happen here tonight, you will be sorely mistaken!
Harper and Landon looked at eachother and nodded in agreement! As quickly as they could they attacked!
Hades quickly blocked their efforts and smiled while doing so!
Hades: You all are going to die by my hands....but first I like to play with my prey!
Hades deflected the guys and sent both flying back!
Hades: Is that it?! I thought you people came here to kill me? Not spar with me! Come on you cretens, show me how much you want me dead!
Harley: Damn you!
Victoria and Harley charged toward Hades!
Hades quickly jumped kicked both so fast that neither of them could react to his movements! Then before any of them hit the floor, Hades quickly grabbed Victoria and lifted her up.
Hades: Before I rip out your throat out, how bout you give me a little kiss.
Victoria: Let me go!!!
Hades: No kiss? Fine then, I'll just rip out your throat then!
Just then Harper quickly surprised Hades with a kick to the gut!
Harper: Get away from my mother, you bastard!
Quickly the the group huddled back together.
Harley: Mother are you okay?!
Victoria: I'm fine! I just want to kill this monster!
Harley: Let's end this you guys!
Landon: All together then! Pin him down and take his head off!
Hades: You filthy mortal! You dare touch me.....kick me away from a kill! I was going to keep you alive after I killed the rest and drain you! But now you will be the first to go down!
Hades quickly dashed toward the group but aimed his attention at Harper! Hades grabbed Harper by the throat and squeezed it tightly!
Victoria and the others took the opportunity to strike at Hades!
Victoria: Put my son DOWN!!!
Hades: You pathetic beings think thats going to affect me!
Just then Hades noticed Ron enter the room.
Hades: Ron my boy! Just in time to see me take care of some annoying vermine!
With a small movement of a few fingers, the group heard a crack then snap come from Harper's neck! Hades then dropped Harper and slowly pulled himself off the swords!
Victoria quickly caught Harper before he hit the floor.
Victoria: NOOO!!! MY BABY!!!
Hades: Well, that's what happens when you bring children to war! Plus, bad parenting skills!
Harley: Oh God no!!!
Landon quickly realized that Ron was alone!
Landon: Where is Corri?!
Ron gave a unconcerned look at Landon and then quickly glanced away!
Landon: OH GOD! Why Ron?! We came to save you! To end this!
Hades: How amusing! Ron I didn't think you had it in you!
Hades then glanced at the others and then looked back at Ron.
Hades: Now then, why don't you help Uncle Hades kill the rest! Ron let's have some fun!
Landon: Damn you! We will kill you, all of you monsters!!!
Hades: Monsters! You want a monster?! I'll gladly be that monster for you!
With his lightning speed, Hades quickly appeared in front of Landon! Before Landon could react, Hades punched a hole right into Landon's chest!
Hades: Like my brother always says, "You are no longer meant for this world!"
Hades then crushed Landon's heart!
As Landon hit the floor, Victoria  continued to sob for her son and fallen friend! Harley did his best not to show Hades his fear!
Harley: Damn you!
Hades: Don't give me that attitude! You and your gang of low lives came here to kill me! I'm simply defending myself....and having a whole lot of fun doing so! Now let's call this a night...I'm tired of playing with you children!
As Hades approached for his final strike, Ron did something that no one could have expected!
Ron quickly jabbed his hand right through Hades!
Hades: What the hell are you doing?!!
Ron: Correcting all the wrongs that have been put on my family! You and your strengths will aid me in doing so!
Ron lifted Hades up and threw him violently to the other side of the room! As Hades laid there stunned and utterely confused as he tried to get up to retaliate, he found himself pinned down, unable to physically pick himself up!
Ron: Relax, "Uncle," you are not going anywhere!
Ron then turned his attention to the two remaining survivors!
Ron: Now what to do about you two? Kill you, suck you dry of all your energy? Or let you run back to my grandfather?!

Victoria: Ron! We only came here to save you and end this nightmare! Please come with us....together we can stop Zeus...
Ron: Enough! I will be the one to kill those who have hurt me and my family!
Ron quickly turned his attention to Harley.
Ron: You are the grandson of Sheri, I will be needing you to punish my dear love! She will experience the pain she has put me through all these years!
Harley: What? I....I came here to....
Ron: Save her! You may have fooled the others but I know that you really want to save your dear grandmother! Foolish boy...there is no saving that woman! She will let you down at every turn!
Ron suddenly began to speak some strange words and concentrate on Harley!
Victoria: What are you doing?! Stop it!
Harley began to moan in pain and fell to his knees!
Ron continued to focus his energy on Harley.
Victoria: Stop! Ron, Stop it!!! Please don't make me hurt you!
Finally, Ron stopped and looked at Victoria and then back at Harley.
Ron: Harley, please stand up and show my dear grandmother that you are okay.
Harley slowly stood up and looked at Victoria. Immediatly she knew that Harley was not the same, his eyes seemed to be glazed over.
Victoria: What have you done to him?!
Ron: I simply placed him under a very special spell. He's perfectly fine, but under my complete influence. Now for you! My dear grandmother! Since this is our first meeting and all, I will allow you this one time gift! You may pick up your son and leave! However, if we meet again....don't expect me to be so generous as I am now!
Victoria picked up Harper and then glanced at Ron. Tears flowed down her face as she slowly turned around and exited the mansion. The other bodies began to turn to ash and fade away.

Ron then slowly approached  Hades. Hades struggled to get up but Ron kept him down by some magical force. Ron looked down upon Hades and then gave him a small smile.
Ron: Now, the real fun begins Hades.

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  1. Another great update! I like all the turns and twists!

  2. Thanks Rob! I'm really having fun with these characters!