Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Chapter One

The Hilton's: Growing Pains
Danny's life has been very fulfilling throughout the years! He now lives with both sons in a beautiful underground mansion. Danny's oldest son Logan has decided to take his fathers vampire cure and the No Aging Potion. 
 He also decided to take things slower and enjoy his growing family and be there for his son and grandson! Oliver has began a large family with his beautiful wife Stella, they have 4 boys! Which were two sets of twins! Danny is truly happy but what felt like moments where years and the first set of twins are about to embark into the next level of life "Young Adult Hood!"
 They would soon get wonderful jobs thanks to their Grandfather Danny, who owned most of the town! Henry and Ray would soon move away. Right after the older boys left the other twins, Richard and Ron grew into teenagers.
 With the extra room Danny decided to ask some distant relatives to come and live at the Hilton Mansion. He called a very old niece Sheri to come live with him, she just recently lost her husband.
 Sheri is the only niece to agree to become a vampire when Danny was a vampire himself. Sheri is just nearly 100 years old, she has one son and one grandson. 
 She is so far up the family tree that Danny's grandchildren have no relation to her. Danny's family welcomed her and didn't mind that she chose to stay a vampire. Things were never better, Stella's brother Javier was excepted into a well renown Culinary school in France and quickly said his goodbyes!
 Things seemed quieter but Sheri seemed to have an effect on young Ron! Sheri thought it was adorable, while Ron just thought that Sheri was gorgeous! Ron became Sheri's little shadow, where she went he tried desperately to follow!
With the boys growing so fast, Stella and Oliver decided to try for one more baby hopefully for a little girl!
Stella: Oliver, do you think that we'll ever have a little girl? Oliver: Of course we will! And she'll be just as beautiful as her mother! Stella: Oh Oliver, you always know how to make me smile! 
Not to much time later, Stella was pregnant and she just knew that she had a baby girl growing inside of her this time!
Danny was overjoyed to hear that Oliver and Stella were going to welcome another baby to the family! Which also made it more difficult to deliver some news that would surely make some family members upset! After the boys went to bed, Danny had a family meeting.
Danny: The reason I called all you here tonight is to tell all of you that I'm leaving and don't know when I'll be back.
Oliver: What?! Where are going?
Danny: I honestly don't have an answer, I am going to be traveling to gather materials for my No Age Potion and other materials for other potions. Since the materials are very rare, it may take years!
Stella: What about the children? Oliver: You won't be here when the baby is born?
Danny: No....I believe that I will be back when the baby is a teen if not sooner. I'm sorry. However, I will be able to create the No Age Potion for the Baby by that time! Stella: What about the boys? Danny: I'm sad to say that they will not be able to chose to have the potion or not. By the time I get back they will most likely have moved on and start their families. Oliver: I'm sure they will understand. Logan: No worries dad, we'll make sure to record and take lots of pictures for when you come back! Stella: Absolutely! My boys will totally understand!
Unknowing, the meeting had some extra ears listening in on the conversation.
As the meeting went on, Sheri with her Vampire senses, knew that Ron was listening to the meeting.
As the meeting came to an end Danny listened to the whole family but noticed that Sheri did not say a word. Danny: Sheri, your a part of this family. Do you not have any concerns on my decision to leave? Sheri: No....I think it is necessary for you to go to help preserve you families future. I think that the time lost is worth your families happiness....I know that I would go through great lengths to ensure my families happiness!
When the meeting ended, Ron quickly ran back to his room. After everyone was in bed, Ron had trouble going back to sleep. He got out of bed and noticed that someone was still awake in the office room.
Sheri: Hello Ron....Your up awfully late! Ron: Couldn't sleep. Sheri: Thinking about what was said at the "Family Meeting." Ron: Sort of....I totally understand that I won't be getting the No Age Potion, due to the fact that Granddad won't be able to make some quick enough. Sheri: Ron come sit next to me.
Sheri: Its totally OK if your jealous that you won't be getting a potion and that your future sibling will! Let me tell you a little secret....I'm jealous of your dad and uncle! Ron: Why? Sheri: Because they have gotten the No Age potion. They will get to live forever a normal life. Ron: But your a Vampire, won't you live forever?! Sheri: Yes, but with restrictions! I can not go into the sun, my son and grandson will grow older and die! 
Ron: Why not make them into Vampire's? Sheri: I wish it was that easy. However, a person has to want to be a vampire, sure I can force them to be a vampire but they would never forgive me. Ron: Why wouldn't someone want to live for ever?! Sheri: My thoughts exactly! 
Sheri: You know what will make you happy! When I moved in, I brought an old pedestal with me. Ron: The one that's in the garage, right? Sheri: Yes....Its no ordinary pedestal. Ron, I want you to secretly read the books and notes on the pedestal. Ron: What will I learn? Sheri: Magic! Its something I found while I traveled the world! Ron: Why haven't you learned this "magic"? Sheri: The pedestal only responds to humans....Since I haven't been human for almost 100 years, it will not respond to me. Ron: Hmm....I think I will, thanks Sheri! 
The next day Ron began to study the mysteries of the pedestal and learn the art of magic!
As days grew closer to Danny's departure, his sons decided to throw a goodbye party and a birthday party for the twins! Everyone came, some decedents of his brothers and sister where there! Even his nephews Randell and Don that became vampires came! 
 This party was not only epic but it had the oldest beings in the whole town there! Ron's brother Richard immediately left for college, leaving Ron who was still obsessed with Sheri, the last son at home! The following day Danny told Logan that he would be in charge of the Mansion and all other affairs. Danny also gave Logan the key to the storage room, which contained all the potions that Danny had created prior to running out of materials.
 While Danny and Logan were talking, Sheri was listening from the other side of the door. And was not pleased that Danny left Logan in charge.
 Before Danny left, he had something to give Sheri.
 Sheri: Danny you shouldn't have! 
As she unwrapped the gift and saw what it was, she became furious! Sheri: How dare you!!! Danny: What do you mean, its the Vampire cure! Sheri: How dare you give me this knowing that there is No Aging potion! What makes you think that I want to wither away and die!!!
Danny: I just thought you would want a normal life! I realize that your son is an elder and your grandson is an adult and I thought you would want a normal life like them! Sheri: My family would have a longer time to live if you didn't give Oliver's wife and her brother potions! Those two potions could've prolonged my families life!
Danny: I'm sorry you feel that way....but my sons happiness come first! Sheri: So do MINE!!!
Sheri then stormed off. Even though Danny was leaving on bad terms with Sheri, he had to go!
 Danny said his goodbyes.....
Then he was gone.....
While the family said goodbye to Danny, Sheri was in another room on the phone.
Sheri: He's gone....I'm waiting for Stella to have her baby! Voice: Why wait? Sheri: That is not your concern! It shouldn't be long, she should have the baby any day now! Voice: Just say the word and we'll be there! Sheri: Yes....Soon all of this will be mine and my family will be forever! Voice: And we'll get what we agreed on, right?! Sheri: Yes....everyone will get what they want no matter the cost!!!


  1. Wow Chobits! Your sims are gorgeous!

    I wonder who Sheri was talking to on the phone. She seems to have bitter feelings toward Danny and now is betraying them!

    Great story, Chobits!