Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chapter 5

The Hilton's: Determination
 Words spread quickly through the town of Sunset Valley days after Don and his family were killed. Sheri seized control of Don's assets and quickly took control of all the Hilton companies. Since the majority of the of the town was owned by the Hilton's, many of the residents grew fearful of who might be next on the Hilton rampage sweeping the town. If one of the town's oldest vampire's died so easily, who could really stand up to such a powerful force?!!!
Sheri: That looks great on you! 
Zeus: I guess this outfit will have to do for now. Have my brothers' Sarcophagus's arrived yet?
Sheri: Yes...There in the Gym right now but we can move them anywhere you wish!
Zeus: That is fine, I.....
Zeus is interrupted by Javier bursting into the room!
Javier: Where is she you MONSTERS!!!!
 Sheri: Javier!!! What the hell are you doing here!
Javier: Where is she Sheri! Where is Megan!!!
Sheri: Javier, what makes you think I know where she is?! She's been missing for weeks!
Javier: Cut the bullsh@t Sheri!!! I've been hearing a lot of things, especially about your sudden rise in power in this town! What I can't believe is that you allowed your own blood to be killed!
As Javier argued he got closer and closer to the pair.
 Javier: Tell me Sheri! Where is she? Is she still alive?!
Zeus: This Megan she the musician, the one that plays so many instruments and sings so beautifully?
Javier: You bastards! You know where she is!
Sheri started to realize that Zeus was getting angry.
Sheri: Javier, I would step back from him!
Javier: Not until you two tell me where she is!
  Sheri: Fine then! Megan is dead!
Javier: NO! Your LYING!!! You MONSTERS! I'll kill every single one of you!!!
 Zeus: You...Kill...Me?! You pathetic mortal, you dare threaten ME!!!!
Zeus grabs Javier by the throat and lifts him up with ease!
 Zeus: Let me tell you something human! Your woman still lives!
Sheri: WHAT?! She is suppose to be dead, I told Donovan to get rid of her!
 Zeus: My dear Sheri, Donovan could not kill such a talented and beautiful creature as her! He took steps to create a wonderful gift for me! 
Sheri: What the hell are you talking about?!
Zeus: You see Javier, Sheri did order Megan's death but Donovan did something much worse than that! He turned her you said, a monster!
 Zeus: When I was awakened and first introduced to Donovan, he revealed that he had this amazing treasure! A woman with amazing musical talent! I was intrigued, so naturally I met this treasure and got to see her perform. It was exquisite! Donovan didn't hesitate in giving me her as a gift!
 Javier: A "GIFT"! You bastard!
Zeus: With some "guidance", Megan has learned to obey my commands and has now become an obedient servant! Once building is complete to my new home she will live here and play, sing her beautiful music to my leisure!
Zeus quickly threw Javier to the other side of the room! Javier hit the wall hard, almost knocking him out!
 As Javier sat against the wall dazed and angry, he looked up to see Sheri and Zeus standing in front of him laughing!
Zeus: See Sheri! Weak and pathetic, humans have no purpose but to be our servants, our play things, and our meals!
Sheri: It's been awhile since I've actually fed on a human! 
Zeus: Well now, let us feast on one human you dislike the most in this world! You'll get double the satisfaction from feeding and getting revenge against Danny for favoring this mortal more than you and your family!
The two of them then pounced onto Javier!!!
 Javier: Get the HELL OFF ME!!!
 Zeus and Sheri began clawing and biting Javier repeatedly!
Within moments the attack was over, but the damage was done!
 Javier slowly lifted himself up.
Javier: Why?! Why let me live?
 Javier: Please....give her to me...
 Javier: PLEASE!!! Just let her go!!!
 Zeus: Why let you live....why not! I have a very important task you for Javier!
Sheri: Why not just put him out of his misery? Its obvious that this man will not quit, until he gets her back!
Zeus: I'll tell you why Sheri, if he wants to ever see her again...alive! He will follow my requests, won't you Javier?!
Javier: What do want from me, I'll do anything!
Zeus: I want you to warn every Hilton that has not joined my ranks to pick a side! If they want to live, they need but to visit me and swear their allegiance to me! If they don't.....tell them to run! Then I need you to become stronger, so that the next time you threaten my life you'll put up a better fight! Lastly, I want you to find Danny and have him come to me! Only after you completed these tasks will I let you have Megan back!

Javier stood with a vacant expression.

Zeus: Oh and Javier, take your time. I got an eternity to wait, so does Megan! Lets hope you can do this task within your lifetime! 
Sheri: By the way Javier, your eye looks really bad. Now get out of my house!!!
Javier slowly left without saying a word but with determination written all over his face!
Zeus: Now then lets release my brothers!
Until Next Time!!!