Character Bios

The sister of Javier, Stella was the oldest of the two. When Stella moved with Javier to Sunset Valley, she was determined to see her younger brother succeed in Culinary school, practically raising Javier herself after their parents died in a car accident. She doted on her younger brother as if he was her own child. Stella would soon meet Oliver, the two fell for eachother hard! Stella and Oliver were married and had SIX children! Sadly, Stella met her end at the hand of Kalson, who was persuaded to kill her by Zeus, so that they could take control of the Hilton business and wealth. With her dying breath she continued to express her love for her family.
The son of Danny's only sister Harmony, he was born in game. Randall was one of three relatives that allowed Danny to turn into vampires so many years ago! Randell had two sons by two different women, both died of old age. He raised the boys to be just as awful as he turned out over the years. Over the years Randell became obsessed with power he had gained from working for Danny's companies. Randell loved to splurge his wealth and developed a sense of mentality that he was better than regular humans. He now works for Zeus and Sheri!
 Kalson never wanted to be a vampire but was forcibly turned by his father! Kalson who was faithfully loyal to his father, never fully laid blame on him. Kalson laid blame mostly on the person who started it all, Danny! Kalson began his quest at getting back at Danny very slowly, he gained Danny's trust and befriended Danny and his last wife Victoria. Kalson then ran off with Victoria leaving Danny and his new born son Oliver motherless! Kalson is such a mystery, he is always doing something mean spirited to family members. Kalson is very devoted to his father and his brother.
Cordell is a suave character, he enjoys the company of beautiful women and like his father his wealth! Growing up Cordell and his older brother Kalson where normal humans, until their father decided that he didn't want them to be regular, so he forcibly turned his own sons! Cordell embraced his new immortal life and never looked back to his past life!