Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chapter 11

The Hilton's: Undying Devotion
While Danny was enjoying his family reunion. Sheri and her family seemed to be in chaos! When Sheri returned from work she was greeted by the echoes of screams coming from her home!

Sheri: What the hell is happening?!!!
 Felicity: It's Ron! Zeus and the others are giving him more of their energy!

Melody: We were told not to interfere no matter what!

 Sheri: How long has this been going on?!

Melody: Almost 2 hours!
 As Melody looked at the ground sadly.
Sheri: That is way to long! I will put a stop to this now!

Donovan: Sorry Sheri, I was told not to let anyone in until they told me to.
Melody: Please Donovan, let her stop this for today!
Donovan: Fine, but I'm not taking the heat for not following directions!
Sheri: I'll take responsibility for any anger, Donovan you and the girls go out for a bit!
So Donovan, Melody, and Felicity left the manor.
Sheri then entered the room and saw Zeus and his brothers standing over Ron.
Ron was screaming with pain!
 Sheri: ENOUGH! Its been far too long of a day for him! 
 Sheri: Ron needs rest! Please Zeus, stop this already!
Zeus looked at Sheri as if he didn't recognize her at first. 
Zeus: Sheri....We are done here brothers! Sheri you may pick Ron up and take him to get rest!
As Sheri kneed down to help Ron up, it was apparent that Ron was extremely exhausted!
Sheri: Ron can you hear me? Lets get up and get some food in you!
 Zeus: My, my, Sheri! If I didn't know any better, I would think that you have feelings for our boy Ron.
Sheri: Of course I do! He is special.....I just don't want him to get killed!
 Later that evening, after Ron got something to eat he slipped outside. Sheri found Ron reading the very book she had given him so many years ago.
Sheri: Here you are! Why are you still reading that old thing? You've learned every spell in that book by now!
 Ron: Yes, that is true but I'm always finding new spells within the older spells....almost like a puzzle! There could be hundreds of spells through out this book! I know that I can find the spells that could bring happiness to this family!
 Sheri quickly wrapped her arms around Ron!
Sheri: Ron, thank you for always thinking of others, even when you are the one suffering!
Sheri then took Ron's hands and looked deep into his eyes. That's when she knew what she had to do to ease his suffering!
 Sheri: Ron, I'm going to turn you into a vampire....
Ron: What?! 
Sheri: Its the only way you can continue without the pain!
 Sheri fully knew that if she turned Ron, he would lose his powers and ruin Zeus' secret plans. Sheri wanted Ron to be safe!
So with her vampire powers, she persuaded Ron into accepting her dark gift!
 Ron: I'll do it....for you Sheri!
 Sheri slowly bit into Ron and so it had begun, Ron would soon be a vampire!
 Sheri: There my love! You will now be safe and never have to worry about any of the pain that Zeus puts you through!
 Sheri then leaned in and gave him a kiss! However, Zeus caught the little show!
 All he did was give an arrogant smirk and turned back inside the house!
 Later that night, Sheri helped Ron get into bed.
Sheri: Soon Ron we can leave this place, you, me, and the girls!
 Once Sheri walked out of Ron's room she was greeted by Zeus.
 Zeus: My dear Sheri....What have you been up to tonight?!
Sheri: Nothing Zeus, just keeping Ron healthy.
Zeus stared at Sheri for a long time. Then he slapped her so hard that it echoed throughout the hallway!
 Sheri: YOU BASTARD!!! How dare......
Zeus: Chose very wisely on what you say next Sheri, it could be your last words before I tear out that lying tongue of yours!!!
 Zeus: You think you outsmarted me! You think YOU saved Ron! Well think again!!! All you've managed to do is excel my plans! I have to work much faster now to achieve my ultimate goal!
 Sheri: You can't....Ron is already turning into a vampire! He will be useless to you now!
Zeus then smiled and then quickly snapped back at Sheri with secrets he's been keeping from her for years!
 Zeus: You silly little women! You actually believed my lies about resurrecting your late husband and how vampire's are unable to obtain magic! 
Sheri: Lies! I knew you were never going to give my husband back years ago! But what do you mean about vampire's and magic? I thought you had to be alive to obtain magic?!
Zeus: All lies! Vampires who learned the skill before turning, keep their gifts! Not only does the person's speed, strength, agility, mental powers triple in do their magical abilities as well! So you see Sheri you just made Ron into a very powerful being!
 Sheri: Good! Now he can make his own choices!
Zeus: Oh Sheri, have you forgotten already?
Sheri: What?!
Zeus: Years of blocking his memories, feeding him lies of past events....Once he turns he'll remember all of it! I wonder.....How long will it take him to figure out how his parents truly died?!
Sheri: Oh my god! He....he will forgive me!
Zeus: We'll see my dear!
Zeus: But due to your indiscretions, you are forcing me to speed up the demise of Danny and his band of misfits! I think its time to let Danny have a family reunion!
Sheri: NO! YOU CAN'T! Using those boys.....
Zeus: You forget that those boys are nothing but shells now! Besides Randall is back in town as well! I'm sure he's itching for the opportunity to avenge his poor son Kalson! As for you Sheri, if Danny does survive, you and me are going to handle things personally! Nothing is going to stop my plans from becoming reality!!!


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  2. Oh Shari, I knew there was still good in you, you where trying to do the right thing for once but you've only made things worse. Now that you finally see things as they truly are what will you do about it?

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