Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chapter 22

The Hilton's: Pain
Ron surveyed his home, walking into every room as if it was the first time seeing the changes that had happened since Zeus took over. Once he reached the third level of the estate he finally stopped and let out a depressed sigh!

Ron: This room used to be an indoor spa for my was a beautiful home once, full of happy people. Now look at's a damn torture lab, used to create monsters and destroy people's futures!
Echo still under Ron's control stood beside him in an emotionaless trance. Ron then went into a the potion room.

Ron: Echo, I want you to pack all this up! This family may be a dying memory but our legacy will go on with these medical breakthroughs and potions to aid people and vampire's! Take them to the Science facility and instruct them to mass produce the cure, youth potion, and to begin the process of figuring out my grandfathers immortal potion!
Echo immediatly followed Ron's command and packed up everything!

Ron: It's time for me to redecorate this place....prepare it for the end....

Back at Corri's house, Javier and Sean heard some noise outside and went out to investigate it. They found Victoria standing over a freshly buried grave.

Javier: What the hell happened to you guys?! We had a plan to meet up here and finally end this nightmare!
Victoria continued to stare at the grave as she slowly acknowledge Javier and Sean.

Victoria: We went ahead and took on Hades by ourselves....
Javier: Damn it! What happened?!
Victoria: We underestimated Hades and.....and didn't count on Ron to-to....
Victoria fell silent thinking about what had happened.

Javier: You saw Ron! Where is he? Did you guys get him out of there?
Javier then looked at Victoria's face and realized that something bad had happened!
Victoria: It was a one sided fight....Hades killed Landon and-and my son! If that wasn't bad enough, Ron killed Corri and took control of Harley's mind!

Sean: Why in the hell would Ron do that?!
Victoria: He's lost his mind! He was turned into a vampire and is incredibly strong! He took down Hades without even trying! He barely let me leave with my life!
Sean: Damn it! We had a plan to go in it together! If we were all there, we could have had everyone survive!
Javier: This needs to end! We're going, Sean get Lilly and tell Richard to go and find Danny and Athena to join us!
Sean: Ok....what about the Reaper, I haven't seen him today!
Javier: With any luck, he'll be with Danny. Let's end this!

Meanwhile, Poseidon had finally come home. But was in total aww at what had become of the estate! Hades hall was completely sealed off, it look like a bomb went off!

Poseidon then entered his hall, again the entrance to Hades hall was cut off!
Poseidon: What the hell is going on here! Brothers! Is any one here in this place! Hades!
Suddenly Poseidon heard his door fly open and was immediatly filled with rage!

Poseidon: What have you peasants done to my brothers! You insects are going to tell me NOW!!!
Victoria, Javier, Sean, and Lilly had just entered the belly of the beast!

Javier: I have no idea what your raving about but we have come here for my nephew and nieces! And more importantly to kill you and your brothers!

Poseidon began to get more fustrated and angry.
Poseidon: YOU FOUR, HERE TO KILL ME! You must be joking! Now tell me where my brothers are now!

Javier looked at Victoria and then looked at Poseidon.
Javier: Hades is most likely being detained by Ron!
Poseidon: Ron! What do you take me for, RON IS NOTHING BUT A PET....A SCIENCE PROJECT OF MY BROTHER ZEUS!
Suddenly the door opened again, then entered Echo!

Poseidon: Finally, someone that lives here! Echo where are my brothers?!
Echo was still under Ron's power and he could hear and see everthing through Echo! Ron then spoke through her!

 Echo/Ron: Zeus is out....however, Hades is dead.
Poseidon: DEAD!!!
Echo/Ron: Yes. These four killed him.
Victoria confused ran to Echo.
Victoria: Echo! Why are you lyi....
Quickly Echo attacked Victoria!
Echo/Ron: Kill them all!!!

Without warning Poseidon attacked, hitting Sean first!
Poseidon hit Sean so hard that his hand went straight through to Sean's heart!

Sean's legs and arms swung wildly as his body went limp, hitting Javier and Lilly!

Poseidon: I'll kill all of you for what you've done!!!
Poseidon then threw Sean! His body then hit a pillar and hit the ground hard! Sean was dead before he ever got to avenge his fallen family and friends!
Javier and the others sat in pure terror at the site of another family member dead and at the pure strength Poseidon held!
Victoria: NOT AGAIN! NO!!!
Echo/Ron stood in silence, observing Poseidon's overwhelming power!
Poseidon: You pitiful beings! You underestimated my power! What did you think? If you fought us seperatly that it would be easier! FOOLS!
Poseidon: You never underestimate your enemies! You may have defeated Hades but I'm stronger! My bother Zeus has his incredible mind, Hades had his charisma, and Athena has her nurturing nature and magic!
Poseidon: Me....I was never that brilliant, never that clever, never that good.....but I always knew that I had my strength and fists to rely on!
As the group watched Sean turn to ash, they all looked at each other and knew that they had to continue on!
Lilly: Enough of this!
She quickly grabbed Victoria and threw her at Poseidon! Then she quickly attacked the possessed Echo! Javier also proceeded to attack Poseidon!
Lilly unleashed a quick attack onto Echo, ensuring that Echo wouldn't interfere anymore!
With a final and brutal kick, Lilly was able to make short work of Echo! Knocking her out! Just in time to aid Javier and Victoria!
Poseidon had gotten a hold of Victoria and held her up by her throat! Javier continued his assualt onto Poseidon, but nothing seemed to have any effect on the monster!
Victoria struggled to get loose, Poseidon's grip continued to get tighter every time she moved!
Poseidon: I'LL KILL ALL OF YOU!!!
Lilly: I'm coming!
Lilly quickly leapt into the air targeting Poseidon! She kicked Poseidon right in the face causing him to drop Victoria! Javier quickly caught her before she hit the ground!
Victoria: Thank you, Javier! Megan is a very lucky woman to have a wonderful man like you! Let's end this so you can return to her!
Javier and Lilly continued their assualt on Poseidon, throwing everything at him!
Nothing seemed to hurt Poseidon, everything the duo did seemed to just make Poseidon more angry!
Victoria ran to Echo, seeing if her dear friend was okay.
The fighting grew more intense, the hits began to hurt more and more! However, either side seemed to want to quit! Poseidon hit Javier so bad that he slid across the room, Javier quickly collasped. He had to stop, due to some broken ribs that needed time to heal!
Lilly took it upon herself to dodge Poseidon's attacks and to keep him occupied as Javier needed time to heal.
Lilly showed off all her years of training, dodging and performing different but effective moves! She finally was able to catch Poseidon and delivered a hard kick, which sent him flying to the ground!
Poseidon slowly picked himself up and grew very angry that this woman had just bested him!
Poseidon: I will take great joy at killing you my dear!
Lilly: Well, the feelings mutual! I'll fight to my last kick and punch, I will not give up until your dead or until I'm dead!
Lilly and Javier then began to charge, but suddenly the door slammed! To everyone's dismay, Zeus had returned!
Zeus: Enough!!!
Victoria: Oh God!
Zeus assessed the room, as he looked around his face held no expression.
Zeus: What in the world is going on here Poseidon?!
Poseidon: These insects have invaded our home and....Hades! They killed him!!!
Zeus: Killed Hades?
Zeus looked at Javier and the others.
Zeus: I highly doubt that. No matter, it's time to put an end to this dilema! Prepare yourselves....and please don't hold back!
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  1. The numbers are dwindling...who will win, I wonder?
    Great update!

  2. Yes they are! Thanks for reading!